A human male, standing in front of the Tower, Game Boy version.

The Tower Town is a location in the first floor of the tower in The Final Fantasy Legend.

The Tower Town exits to World One and once you obtain the orb, you can begin your climb to Level 2.

Within this town, the player can find an Inn, the Guild, a weapon shop and an item shop. In the back of the town is a House of Life that revives a member at the cost of 100GP.

It is in this town that you have your first encounter with the man in the top hat.

WonderSwan version.

He tells you that Gen-Bu has hidden the key to the tower's door within the Statue of Hero.

Weapon Shop

Item Uses Price
Long Sword 50 132 GP
Axe 50 412 GP
Rapier 50 24 GP
Gold Gauntlet -- 150 GP
Gold Armor -- 300 GP
Ice Magic 20 500 GP
Electric Magic 20 500 GP

Item Shop

Item Quantity Price
Strength Potion 1 300 GP
Agility Potion 1 300 GP
HP +200 1 100 GP
Potion 3 50 GP
X-Potion 3 200 GP
Antidote 3 100 GP
Eye Drop 3 500 GP
Revive 1 15000 GP
Heart 1 10000 GP
Rod 30 1000 GP
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