Loch Vaan is a lakeside city location in Unlimited Saga. It's the hometown of Ruby and Sapphire who runs her Fortune Teller business there. It is also one of the few places that has a Magick Shop.


  • Selma's Adventure Lodge
  • The Crimson Spellshop
  • Carrier's Guild
  • Crystal Palace Divination Hall - Quest driven only location. Home to Ruby and Sapphie's Fortune Teller business


  • Mayor's Nightmare - "Track down the mysterious ghosts that haunts the mayor every night!"
  • Regal Lion's Treasure - "The Regal Lion is said to have left a vast hidden treasure. No-one has ever found it..."
  • Scared Knight - "An Undead-fearing warrior dropped an important sword in the Caves of the Undead. Go get it back!"
  • Sparkling Waterfall - "Lead the dancer to her lover, who never returned from the Sparkling Waterfall. It lies beyond the Cave of the Undead"
  • Bottom of the Dry Well - "The Dry Well of Loch Vaan. What lies inside?"