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Luminous is a town in SaGa Frontier that has magic shops for Light and Shadow Magic. The design of the town is one of the most unique, as homes are set inside large rock formations littered with seashells and other decorative pieces. The town gets its name from the luminous light emitted from a large crystal formation, which can be seen in the introduction scene to the town as well as in the large area where the party can take the test for the Light Magic gift. 

Emelia, Red, Asellus and Lute can recruit Rouge at the port.

Locations in Luminous

  • Light Magic Shop
  • Shadow Magic Shop
  • Luminous Labyrinth

Shopping List

Light Magic: - - -

Shadow Magic: - - -


  • Before the final release, several rooms were removed from Luminous's map, including several caves to make the entrance into Omble longer than what appeared in the retail version. Of particular note is a colorful convenience store that was intended to be placed before the Light Magic shop.
    • In addition, what resembled a child's bedroom was also intended to be accessible at one point. These removed areas imply that Luminous was originally planned to be more like an actual town rather than what it ended up being in the final product.