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The Magic Kingdom is a region in SaGa Frontier.

Locations in the Magic Kingdom

  • Furdo's Workshop - A mystic named Furdo works here. He has petrified some powerful monsters.
  • Port
  • Chamber- Hidden inside a goddess statue, this was where Blue and Rouge were divided.
  • Hell's Seal - The gate to Hell, sealed.

Blue's Quest

Named Master Magician, Blue leaves the Magic Kingdom to obtain the gifts for magic. After his battle with Rouge, he returns to find the kingdom in ruins. He discovers that he had been divided into Blue and Rouge. To save the kingdom, he goes to Hell.

Other Quests

The other characters can visit here to buy magic, accessories, and weapons, and visit Furdo's workshop. Rouge will leave the party if they go here; he will rejoin them if they travel to the ports in Devin or Luminous.

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