In SaGa Frontier, Manhattan is a large city in the sky. Its name may lead some to believe that it is a futuristic version of the real world Manhattan, New York, but there is nothing to indicate any such connection. 


  • Shopping Mall - Several shops are located here, but only one is available to buy from. Players can purchase several valuable and expensive items from the jewelry store, including the Purple Eye. The Jewelry Store serves only some minor relevance in Riki's story, as the employee sells one of the rings he needs for his quest. No matter what tricks the player tries to pull, the ring can never be physically purchased by Riki or any other party member. 
  • Central Gate - Leonard works here. Only T260G can enter; the other characters are blocked by the guards.
  • Port
  • C.T.C Building - The headquarters of Cindy Campbell. Only Red's story has any actual relevance here. 


Jewelry Store

  • Pearl Heart - 1500
  • Fire Crystal - 1500
  • Ice Crystal - 1500
  • Harmonium Earring - 1500
  • Blood Chalice - 4000
  • Purple Eye - 8000
  • Wonder Bangle - 10000
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