Mardias Map

Map of Mardias

is the world where Romancing SaGa and it`s remake Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song is set.


Created by the God Marda, Mardias is a world filled with many races of mortals and Gods. The World of Mardias was nearly destroyed in the Great war between the Gods, which was instigated by the Three Gods of Evil. Many of the races of Mardias took sides with their respective Gods as the war ensued. Many of them died out or were brought to the brink of extiction like the, Gecklings, Giants and the Dragons. There were some that did not get involved with the war like the Taralians and Terranites. The war was brought to an end by Mirsa the Silver Warrior, his four Companions, who defeated two of the Gods of Evil, but perished in doing so.

The world was left a barren wasteland, marred by the battle beween the Gods. When Elore and Nisa saw the state of the world they vowed to never allow the Gods to do battle on Mardias again. Elore and Nisa brough life back to the world;


  • Dry Lands - Existing as a reminder to the Gods of the covenant to never again do battle, the majority of this region is barren and covered in desert. It is now the home of the Taralians, which also houses many ruins from a time before the great war.
  • Rosalia - Powerful country with great military might, which covers a large amount of territory, much of which was once of a part of the Bafal Empire
  • Bafal Empire - Once a great nation, which controlled a majority of the counties of the world.
  • Ligau Isle - A prehistoric isle of large plains and volcanos
  • Walon Isle - Home of the Gecklings and a mysterious temple, much of this tropical isle is covered in dense jungle. They were once a part of Bafal but are now independent states
  • Kjaraht - A nation embroiled in constant conflict due to civil unrest, because of poor diplomatic relations with neighboring states and poverty stricken areas of the country. It is at contstant odds with its neighbours Rosalia to the north, and the Knights Dominion to the south.
  • Frontier - An underdeveloped but fast growing country, containing many small settlements and ancient evils from the time of antiquity. Access to and from Frontier can be achieved thanks to the construction of New Road.
  • Knights Dominion - Home of Mirsa, Aldora and thier companions, the dominion was founded by Baron Eugen (bestfriend and former companion of Mirsa). A county of proud, honorable and noble Knights. Many of these qualities have diminished since the days of Eugen with only a few of the Knights bearing those exceptions.
  • Valhalland - A country of perpetual winter, covered in snow and ice. It's harsh environment has given birth to many brave and powerful warriors. A peacful nation of traders hunters and warriors reside in the peaceful settlement of Gato's Village.
  • Coral Sea - The domain of pirates and the Infamous captain Hawke and small territory made up of a small islands and a portion of the coast of the Dry lands. This area can never be unlocked, you can only access Pirate Coast by doing a few special steps before finishing Pirate Invasion.
  • (Faerie's Grove - Mythical home of the Faerie's, this magical area moves around the world and is not bound to a single region)


The simplest way to unlock (almost) all cities in Mardias is to recruit Sif, Barbara and Gray.


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