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Gender Female
Race Human
Age 24
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga

Michelle (ミシェル Misheru?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. She is unique for having the lowest ammount of LP in the game and being one of the few characters (like Mythe) to carry a gun. She joins either Laura or Mythe.

She is voiced in Japanese by Inokuch Yuka and in English by Tiffany Grant.


  • Laura's Scenario: Playable Character, after talking to her at the Longshank Inn, she'll join once the team comes aboard the ship.
  • Mythe's Scenario: Playable Character, joins shortly after Silver Girl joins.
  • Ruby's Scenario: Cameo, at the beggining of the game, she wants to use the fortuneteller skills of Ruby, in order to break her curse, but Ruby can't help and soon Michelle runs away.


Not much is known about Michelle, she does seem to be a traveller and she seems to have stumbled upon the Cursed Gauntlet. She often is depressed cause she feels cursed by bad luck, but this isn't likely just because of the gauntlet, as Kurt has the same gauntlet and isn't suffering any similar problems. In the scenarios she either tries to live with her curse or tries to break it at all cost.

In terms of stats, she is actually the game's second-highest Strength-alligned character (the first being Musol Yanii), though she can be a both competent Magic-user (since she starts out with an Earth Magic Tablet) and Dagger/Bow-user as well, making her the game's most versatile character, if not the most frail.


The only other character beside Kurt to be cursed with a Gauntlet Panel. However, Michelle can never raise her Gauntlet above Level 1, which severely restricts what you can do with her Growth Panel. Additionally, high Strength and Skill make Michelle adept at a range of weapons, but due to her low LP you will want to keep her on the back row (or out of combat completely). The Magic Tablet is off-putting as well. While her Water elemental growth is good, her base Magic growth is poor. Try to learn healing spells like Purify and utilize them out of combat.

Initial Growth Panel

Magic Tablet L1 Fashion
Sword Arts L1 Gauntlet
Gun Arts

Initial equipment

Weapon Silver Sword: Silver, 35 ATK, 40 DUR
Weapon Gun: Iron, 20 ATK, 25 DUR
Accessory Angelite Ring: Angelite, 10 DUR
Accessory Bestial Armlet: Topaz, 20 DUR
Headgear -----
Body Chain Mail: Copper, 15 DEF
Leggings Boots: Snakeskin, 3 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 5 Fire 2
Skill 5 Earth 1
Spirit 3 Metal 1
Magic 2 Water 4
Endurance 2 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 11 Fire 3
Skill 14 Earth 1
Spirit 5 Metal 4
Magic 5 Water 12
Endurance 13 Wood 7
Hit Points 116 Weight ?? kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery E
Life Points 6

Battle Quotes

  • First battle (Laura's Scenario) "I wonder if I've still got it?"
  • First battle (Mythe's Scenario) "I wonder if I can do it?"
  • New monster "Hi there! How ya doing?"
  • Fight won (easy) "That was so touching..."
  • Fight won (someone else) "Thank you everyone!"
  • Death (someone else) "Oh no!"
  • Draconid encounter "Wow! That's so cool!"
  • Final battle (Laura's Scenario) "Let me leave my cursed past!"
  • Final battle (Mythe's Scenario) "I want the last three years back!"

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Other appearances

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Michelle appears as an obtainable card.



  • Michelle never gets to uncover the secrets of the gauntlet, only Kurt does and he and Michelle never meet one another.
  • In Mythe's Scenario, Michelle gets rid of the Gauntlet thanks to Mythe; Kurt doesn't have that luck.


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