Misty is a non-playable character in SaGa Frontier 2. Misty is the carrier of the Egg during the adventures of Rich Knights.

Rich first encounters her in Westia around 1277, after doing a simple job for Narcisse. As he leaves Narcisse's cottage he encounters a young child who found the Egg which Rich senses almost immediately. After asking about the Egg to his father Wil Knights, Rich grows concerned about his father's intention of using force if necessary to take the Egg from the child. Rich chooses not to disclose the whereabouts of Misty and instead talks with Narcisse about it.

Rich encounters Misty years later at North Gate, now fully grown and completely controlled by the Egg. Rich talks to her at the local inn she's staying at, only to discover the Egg has taken complete control over her threatens him should he interfere. Rich sends a pregnant Diana to Wide to live with his parents while Rich stays behind to investigate Misty. Shortly after this encounter, a plague hits North Gate where people begin to feel weak and fall into comas. Knowing Misty is behind it, Rich follows her to the Fossil Cave where he discovers she has been stealing the Anima from the townspeople and using it in experiments to bring life to inanimate objects. Her experiment brings to life the long dead creature called the Anima Beast that Rich slays. Misty comments on the weakness of humans who die so easily when they lose just a bit of Anima and concludes that her experiment failed either due to its unstable nature or the quality of the Anima she had gathered.

Months later, Rich comes to discover that Misty has left North Town and traveled inland to the Northern Settlement. Rich follows her only to find she's headed farther out towards the Insect Megalith. Fighting his way towards the center of the megalith, Rich is tested by Misty who concludes that she needs the Anima of the Knights Family to complete the Egg's goal. Misty is killed by Rich as a gambit to possess him, but Rich takes the Egg and plunges to his death with it within the megalith in hopes of burying it once and for all.