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SaGa Scarlet Grace character
モンド (Mondo?)
SSG Mondo.png
Portrait File:RSSG Mondo Portrait.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Senior Retainer of House Julanius
Initial Role The Unflinching
Appearances' SaGa Scarlet Grace
Imperial SaGa
Voice Actor Masafumi Kimura
Brad Venable
Type Playable
"It is my sworn duty to protect milady Urpina. Be you foe or friend, I shall not permit you to harm her!"

Mondo (モンド Mondo?) is a character from SaGa Scarlet Grace. He is a main playable character in Urpina's route.







HP 70
LP 4
Strength 11
Skill 13
Speed 8
Endurance 11
Magic 10
Concentration 13

Recruitment Criteria

Automatically recruited at the beginning of Urpina's story.

Possible Endings

Urpina's Story
Mondo retired shortly after the showdown with the Firebringer. He would go on to travel throughout the land, regularly sending information back to Silmium. In the end, his time in this life came to a peaceful conclusion as he drew his last breath with Urpina by his side.
Leonard's Story
Mondo frequented Leonard's farm for a good while following the showdown with the Firebringer. Eventually he would return to Silmium and convey the story of the Scarlet Shards to House Julanius in excruciating detail.
Taria's Story
Mondo frequented Taria's workshop for a good while following the showdown with the Firebringer. Eventually he would return to Silmium and convey the story of Taria the witch to House Julanius in excruciating detail.
Balmaint's Story
Mondo frequented Provincia Kei for a good while following the showdown with the Firebringer. He would later return to Silmium, where the information network he built during this time served as the foundation for many House Julanius victories throughout the Great War.
All Stories N/A

Other appearances

Imperial SaGa

Mondo appears as an obtainable character.



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