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Japanese name オーベルベンド
Romaji Ōberubendo (Overbend)
Voice actor(s)
Ichijō Kazuya
Voice actor(s)
Illich Guardiolo
Joins Kurt, Ventus
Gender Male
Age 36
Unlimited Saga Character

Mordeus is a playable character in Unlimited Saga. He's a mercenary soldier.



Mordeus is the leader of the 87th Monster Hunting Troupe in Longshank, a group of adventures and monster exterminators. He claims to be a death-seeker, wanting to, like Edel, die on a battlefield rather than of old age.


Mordeus is good with an Axe and some Earth magic. However, his low LP is a cause for concern for some, so some good Armor may be in order.

Initial Growth Panel

Iron Will
Axe Arts
Iron Body L1 Dagger Arts L2

Initial equipment

Weapon Lead Knife: 24 ATK, 40 DUR
Weapon Iron Axe: 50 ATK, 30 DUR
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body Leather Suit: Fur, 9 DEF
Leggings Boots: Fur, 2 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 4 Fire 2
Skill 2 Earth 3
Spirit 3 Metal 1
Magic 4 Water 2
Endurance 3 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 13 Fire 2
Skill 17 Earth 8
Spirit 21 Metal 5
Magic 28 Water 8
Endurance 7 Wood 4
Hit Points 275 Weight ?? kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery A
Life Points 9

Battle Quotes

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