Unlimited Saga character
マイス (Maisu?)
US Mythe Artwork4
Portrait Mythe-icon
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 28
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Imperial SaGa
"A genius inventor known for his love for ale and women. His ice-cool attitude changes when he sets his eyes on a photograph of a mysterious woman."

Mythe (マイス Maisu?) is one of the main protagonists of Unlimited Saga. He is an inventor, owning his own blacksmith, Mythe's Works, in Longshank. He is voiced in Japanese by Itō Kentarō and in English by Vic Mignogna. He joins in his route or Ruby's route.





Mythe is a macho type, as well as a novice inventor, blacksmith, appraiser. He begins his journey in his hometown of Longshank, there he goes to a party at Fugar's Mansion, where the owner presents his treasures. Among them is a painting of a mysterious girl, Mythe immidietly falls in love with her and wishes to find out who she is. In complete opposite to his usual behaviour, he ventures off to search for clues on where the painting came from and where he can find this girl.

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  • Mythe's Scenario: Main Character
  • Ruby's Scenario: Playable Character, joins when entering Undercity Pharos, also appears during the festival.


Mythe has mediocre stat growth for physical combat. Being mostly Skill based he can make use of a Gun, Dagger, or Bow, but he will come up short later in the game. His Water Magic can be excellent as well (coming with Purify pre-learnt), so an all-around player may want to give him a Magic Tablet to learn some addition Water and Fire spells. His stats leave him somewhat frail however, (In fact, he has the lowest Endurance Growth in the game) so some decent Armor is usually required to strengthen him up.

Initial Growth Panel

Weaponsmith L1
Maharaja L1 Accessory Smith L1
Gun Arts

Initial equipment

Weapon Gun: Iron, 20 ATK, 20 DUR
Weapon Gun: Iron, 20 ATK, 20 DUR
Accessory Meteorite Amulet: Meteorite, 20 DUR
Accessory Fang Amulet: Fang, 20 DUR
Headgear -----
Body Cloth Armor: Silk, 6 DEF
Leggings Boots: Fur, 2 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 2 Fire 3
Skill 3 Earth 1
Spirit 4 Metal 1
Magic 3 Water 4
Endurance 1 Wood 1

Initial parameters

Strength 5 Fire 5
Skill 7 Earth 2
Spirit 5 Metal 2
Magic 9 Water 7
Endurance 2 Wood 1
Hit Points 90 Weight 60 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery C
Life Points 13

Playable characters

When playing as Mythe, you can recruit the following chactaters:

  • Sapphire - Ruby's sister, a famous fortuneteller. Joins when Mythe visits her shop.
  • Tiffon - A thief known for stealing antique items. She'll join the team when Mythe meets her in the mansion's basement.
  • Grace - The previous owner of the painting, in Nivacolina she joins Mythe to help him in his search.
  • Pharr - An older adventurer, Grace's friend. She joins Mythe in Iskandaria.
  • Laura - An ex pirate, gave Mythe the Blade of Escata for appraisal, and after the events in Fugar's Mansion, she joins him.
  • Marie - Judy's older sister. Joins after the Festival of Regina Leone in Vaftom.
  • Silver Girl - The girl whom Mythe was looking for the whole time. She'll join him after the events in the Mausoleum.
  • Michelle - A girl that seems cursed and followed by bad luck. She will join once Mythe returns to his Workshop after the events in Vaftom.


  • First battle "Ahh, what a pain!"
  • First battle during the Sewer quest: "I was an idiot for buying into that fortunetelling nonsense!"
  • Death (Self) : "Is this the way it has"
  • Death (Silver Girl) "You........YOU SON OF A......!"
  • Fight won "What a waste of time!!"
  • Fight won (someone else): "I expect nothing less from you."
  • 5 Hit combo (end) "Just as I expected!"
  • Final battle (Mythe's Scenario) "Are you saying you're the ultimate truth? ... of this world?"
  • Final Battle (Ruby's scenario) "You should stop before you are consumed!"
  • Spring trap: "Oh, man..."
  • Evade trap: "Outstanding!"
  • Hurt by trap: "Tch, I messed up."
  • Skill attempt: "Whatever."
  • Skill failure: "That's life."
  • Skill success: "Well, what do you think?"

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Other appearances

Imperial SaGa

Mythe appears as an obtainable character.

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Mythe appears as an obtainable card.



  • Aside from Mythe himself, all characters in Mythe's team are female. Perhaps it's meant to show how Mythe looks over all women to find his love.
  • Michelle's subplot is unrelated to Mythe's journey, but he does accomplish it to dispel her gauntlet.
  • Mythe is one of the only characters to carry a gun, which is important, since guns cannot be found or bought.
  • Mythe is unique as he starts with a pre-learned Purify spell. However, as Mythe starts with no Water capable equipment it is quite well hidden, so many players do not even know of this.


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