Artwork by Yusuke Naora

"Nakle Lines, oddly-shaped lines etched in the ground. On closer inspection, they are actually part of a gigantic that goes on endlessly"

Nakle Lines is one of The Seven Wonders in Unlimited Saga. It's located near Wanda and is the final dungeon of Laura. It can also be accessed as a side-quest for any character who visits Wanda.

The Nakle Lines are a series of giant walled mazes in the shape of various objects. The 5 different mazes that make up the Nakle Lines must all be fully explored and revealed before the barriers blocking the inner sanctum, and boss battle, are accessable. The 5 shapes resemble; a sword, a bird, a butterfly, a person and a spiral/swirl. After a shape is fully revealed, a mini-boss battle awaits, before getting teleported to the inner sactum, these battles are however absent during Laura's final quest.


You start at a 5-way intersection and will need to fully explore the different mazes, or Lines, each representing an object. Many of the Lines have switches, which activate movable walls, allowing you to complete the Line. Once you have set foot in every part of a Line you will be attacked by 2x Maanes. Defeating them will warp you to the Nakle Line Laboratory where you can dispell the seal from the newly completed Line.

  • Bird Line: Head north/northeast and activate the switch. Fully explore the southern portion of the Line before activating the switch here. Return to the central cross-roads and complete the head (now the walls are gone).
  • Sword Line: Activate the southeast switch from the cross-roads and complete all of the Line you can. Now activate the northern switch and complete the rest of the Line, ending at the sword tip. Activate the switch here and return to the cross roads to find a hidden room, completing the Line.
  • Butterfly Line: The easiest Line, simply follow the single path to a Magic Circle. Activate the warp-pad to be taken to another linear path. When all the paths are conplete, defeat the Maanes to continue.
  • Swirl Line: A single, straight forward path with 2 catches: It's filled with Aquans, and the controls are reversed! Up moves down, Left moves Right etc.
  • Giant Line: Head north a little until you reach a 3-way section. Head south, through an invisible wall to activate a switch. Continue north, exploring the eastern side first, then the west side. At the northwestern most point is another invisible wall to the right. Pass through it and head north, through another invisible wall to complete the Giant's head and the Line.

When all 5 Lines have been explored, and their seals dispelled, you can journey to the center of the Laboratory and face the guardian Tagut. Tagut is a very strong opponent (a similar enemy, Domliat, is the final Cursed Gauntlet battle in Kurt's scenario), but some of his attacks can be dodged with <Parry>, <Deflect> and <Block>. Single, powerful Arts are required to whittle down his HP, but Tagut is also a great opponent to spark powerful attacks from as well.

If you win the fight you will recieve the message:

"You have defeated the mysterious monster at Nakle Lines!"

Number of turns: 450


Nakles Lines is one of the hardest Wonders due to it's complicated system of mazes, hidden walls and switches. Each Line has a set way of exploration, as well as a single set of monster types only present in that particular Line and the particularly sturdy Monsters that spawn at the end of each completed Line. (Laura is exempt from this last nuisance, as the Nakle Lines are her party's inal dungeon.)

Nakle Lines Laboratory, however, is a set of 2 concentric circles with warp pads to/from each Line on the exterior ring and the boss fight in the very center of the central ring.

There are no envrionmental obstacles and all portions of the Lines require the Road Guide skill to explore.


  • Vegeplasts (Core)
  • Demons (Core)
  • Slime (Core)
  • Birds (Bird Line)
  • Wildlings (Sword Line)
  • Insects (Butterfly Line)
  • Aquans (Swirl Line)
  • Undead (Giant Line)
  • ??? (boss)

Notable Items

  • Nakle Line Orb(s) - Unique items obtained by defeating a Line's 2x Maanes, used to dispell the appropriate barrier seal


  • The description of Nakles Lines and the nature of it's design are strikingly similar to the real life Nazca Lines in Peru. These giant land carvings are of various animals and symbols, etched into the ground between 400 - 650 AD