Gender Male
Race Human
Age 15
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Unlimited Saga

Norff (ノース Nōsu (Norse)?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He is a magic student of Yun Crimsonrain. He joins in Armic and Kurt's routes.

He is voiced in Japanese by Kiuchi Reiko and in English by Kelli Cousins.



Norff is the magical assistant of the Crimson Spellshop in Loch Vaan.

Norff is only truly story active in Armic's story, there he supports Armic on his hunt for the items all the way through. Only at the end, he knows something is wrong with Yun and that's why he stands on Armic's side, hoping to get Yun back to normal.


Norff comes with the innate ability to use "Thunderbringer" and is a great magic user in all elements sans Metal. Moderate Strength and Skill allow some flexibility in his build, but he truly excels with Magic.

Initial Growth Panel

Magic Tablet L2 Magic Tablet L1
Wood Familiar L1

Initial equipment

Weapon Staff: Copse, 7 ATK, 40 DUR
Weapon Target: Copse, 10 DEF, 50 DUR
Accessory Bestial Armlet: Lazuli, 50 DUR
Accessory Fang Amulet: Fang, 30 DUR
Headgear Bandana: Cotton, 1 DEF
Body Cloth Armor: Cotton, 6 DEF
Leggings -----

Making parameters

Strength 3 Fire 2
Skill 3 Earth 2
Spirit 1 Metal 1
Magic 5 Water 2
Endurance 4 Wood 3

Initial parameters

Strength 9 Fire 6
Skill 4 Earth 3
Spirit 2 Metal 10
Magic 5 Water 9
Endurance 7 Wood 7
Hit Points 136 Weight 53 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery C
Life Points 13

Battle Quotes

  • First Battle (Armic's Scenario): "This is all just part of my training!"
  • First Battle (Kurt's Scenario): "I....don't believe we've met yet?"
  • New Encounter: "Fighting against new adversaries is good training."
  • Final Boss (Armic): "That power is swallowing the Master! Master, wake up! Wake up!"
  • Final Boss (Kurt): "This presence envelops everything. Is this....the universe!?"
  • Death (Personal): "Done in so.....easily?"
  • Death (Armic): "Armic!"
  • Death (Someone else): "That was uncalled for!"
  • Death (???): "So what it's like....t-to lose...."
  • Pacifist: "One's got to keep their vows."
  • Cold Area: "It's a little chilly, Isn't it?"
  • ??? Area: "This place suits me just fine!"
  • 5-Hit Combo (Start): "I'll go first!"
  • 5-Hit Combo (End): "My training has paid off!"
  • 5-Hit Combo (1 LP Left): "Ugh, am I not ready YET!?"
  • Spring trap: "I hope I can dodge it."
  • Evade trap: ???
  • Hurt by trap: "I was unsuccessful"
  • Skill attempt: ???
  • Skill failure: ???
  • Skill success: ???

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  • Norff is basically a male version of Judy considering how both are ambitious young magicians schooled by two great wizards. It's worth noting that Yun and Josef were both friends before. However, both Norff and Judy never share the same scenario, hence they never truly encounter one another.


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