Unlimited Saga character
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Gender Male
Race Human
Age 29
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga

Nuage (ヌアージ Nuāji?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He's a carrier like Ventus. He joins in Armic and Judy's routes.

He is voiced in Japanese by Shimura Tomoyuki and in English by Jason Douglas.

Scenario appearances


Not much is known about him aside from him being a carrier. He does seem passionate about his job, stating that, "Carrying is life."


Nuage plays the role of the classic strongman class: high Strength, low Magic. He is built for tanking damage due to his high LP. Much of his damage will come from his high Strength. He begins with a Spear in his possession (despite his average Skill growth), though he can also wield an Axe pretty well.

He has decent Elemental growth in Water and Wood, though his abyssmal Magic rating makes investing in anything other than defensive spells a waste.

Initial Growth Panel

Natural L1 Road Guide L2 Obstacle Crossing L2
Adaptability L1

Initial Equipment


Stone Spear: Marcasite, 37 ATK, 50 DUR

Weapon -----
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear Bandana: Cotton, 1 DEF
Body Cloth Armour: Velvet, 12 DEF
Leggings -----

Making parameters

Strength 5 Fire 2
Skill 2 Earth 1
Spirit 2 Metal 1
Magic 1 Water 3
Endurance 3 Wood 3

Initial parameters

Strength 12 Fire 8
Skill 12 Earth 4
Spirit 4 Metal 5
Magic 5 Water 6
Endurance 8 Wood 8
Hit Points 223 Weight 68 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery B
Life Points 17

Battle Quotes

  • First Battle (Armic's Scenario): "I follow the way of the Carrier. And now, the way of the sword."
  • Victory (Easy Battle): "Let us...pray...for our unfortunate foe."
  • Spring trap: "Watch it!"
  • Evade trap: "That was pretty good, eh?"
  • Hurt by trap: "Everybody alright?"
  • Skill attempt: "Let's see what happens."
  • Skill failure: "We all learn from our mistakes."
  • Skill success: "Thanks for your support!"

For all the lines to listen to, go here:


  • Nuage's speaks with a Scottish accent; he seems to be the only character to speak in this way.


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