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SaGa Scarlet Grace character
オグニアナ (Oguniana?)
SSG Ogniana 2.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Princess of Grumon
Initial Role Oppressor
Age N/A
Appearances' SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions
Imperial SaGa
Voice Actor Nanako Mori
Xanthe Huynh
Type Playable
"I got no interest in bein' queen—I just wanna walk around and look at stuff."

Ogniana (オグニアナ Oguniana?) is a character from SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions. She is a minor playable character.





Prior to the events of the game, Ogniana was born and raised as one of the seven princesses of the Grumon Queendom.

"Well then. My name's Ogniana, one of the seven princess of the Grumon Queendom. Not that it really matters none, but whatever. Pleased to meet ya, young miss of House Julanius."
—Ogniana introducing herself to Urpina

Urpina's Path

Ogniana first encounters Urpina and her retinue on the Alligator Bridge. She tries to deny them passage but is later offered an imperial coin. She allows them to pass and takes the coin, noting that it's been awhile since she's seen that kind of coin. Urpina wonders about the young woman's intentions while Mondo states that they are near the Grumon Queendom, rife with bandits and ilk.

Upon arriving at the Grumon Queendom, Urpina encounters Ogniana again. Ogniana points out that there's been rumors as of late that a royal from House Julanius has been traveling by her lonesome. She goes on to mention that it would be a good opportunity to have that individual ransomed. However, Ogniana decides to offer Urpina the choice of taking her with them to Azhuacan, stating it would be easier to get through places with a Julanius royal. Urpina agrees to take Ogniana along, with the latter deciding to formally introduce herself.



Urpina's Path

Ogniana can be recruited in Provincia Jusitania. Ogniana is first encountered upon crossing the Alligator Bridge. Entering the Grumon Queendom will provide the prompt to allow her to join the player's retinue. She is recruited with the formation Momentum.

Leonard's Path

Ogniana can be recruited in Provincia Jusitania. Visit the Grumon Queendom and Ogniana will bump into Elisabeth. After exiting the city, a Phoenix will be seen landing on the nearby beach. Approach the beach and interact with the bandits digging holes. After interacting with the bandits, side with the bandits when the pirates attack them.


Element Sturna
LP 4
Strength 9
Skill 12
Speed 12
Endurance 8
Magic 5
Concentration 13
Formation Momentum

Unique Role




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