Paradise is the headquarters of the Creator. It is accessed via an escalator from Level 23's exterior.

Paradise is apparently on a huge cloud or Heaven-like plane of existence and contains a strait or river runs along the north. At the northern edge is a door leading to an unknown location.



  • On the third floor of the tower, there is a room where those that reached it chose to stay because the conditions were ideal (no conflict or even having to work) as everything was provided for them.
  • Although it only exists in this game, in the PS2 remake of Romancing Saga, when the player visits Death, the window behind him is an Easter egg reference to Paradise. Death's other dungeon, Purgatory, has a monster that drops a weapon referencing a notorious one from Final Fantasy Legend.
  • Paradise is another term used to refer to Heaven in the poem collection, the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, which also alludes to the Creator being the quintessential God of the game.