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Japanese name プラティフィラム
Romaji Puratifirumu
Voice actor(s)
Junko Minagawa
Voice actor(s)
Shelley Black
Joins Kurt, Laura
Gender ?
Age ?
Unlimited Saga Character

Platyphyllum is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He/She is the only member of the Lilean Tribe encountered in the game and has an undefined gender.



During Laura's scenario, as with the rest of "The Elemental Quartet", Phatyphyllum joins during the respective Wood Elemental Gear quest.

In Kurt's Scenario, he/she seems familiar with the gauntlet, though it is never explained why.


Being a wood creature, Platyphyllum has the best Wood alignment in the game and comes with all of the Wood spells equipped (except Thunderbringer). Built for Wood Spells, he/she also has a massive 20 LP and is classified as a Light Melee user, to which he/she also excels.

Initial Growth Panel

Wood Familiar L1
Road Guide L3
Arcane Tongue L1 Obstacle Crossing L1

Initial equipment

Weapon ----
Weapon ----
Accessory Bestial Armlet: Lazuli, 50 DUR
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body -----
Leggings -----

Making parameters

Strength 3 Fire 2
Skill 3 Earth 0
Spirit 2 Metal 1
Magic 2 Water 3
Endurance 3 Wood 4

Initial parameters

Strength 5 Fire 8
Skill 4 Earth 2
Spirit 8 Metal 7
Magic 8 Water 6
Endurance 4 Wood 9
Hit Points 188 Weight 40 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery D
Life Points 20

Battle Quotes

  • First battle (Laura's Scenario): “Upholding the ancient covenants, I shall help you Your Highness.”
  • First battle (Kurt's Scenario): “I have no incentive for fisticuffs.”
  • New monster: "My initial encounter with this wavelength.”
  • ????: “Oh, most unfortunate.”
  • Death (someone else): “Ooh, such a tragedy.”
  • 5 Hit combo (middle): “Combine wavelengths.”
  • Mimic encounter: “Do you intend to resemble me?”
  • Final battle (Laura's Scenario): “We too are plagued by this chaos, present within ourselves.”
  • Final battle (Kurt's Scenario): ????

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  • Platyphyllum, similary to Anzan, has an undefined gender. The voice actors for the character are female in both languages, but this is done to make the gender more ambiguous to the player.
  • During Kurt's adventure, Platyphyllum is the only character to notice Kurt's gauntlet battles, saying that he enters another world while fighting.