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Japanese name ラファエル
Romaji Rafaeru
Voice actor(s)
Sôichiro Hoshi
Voice actor(s)
Liam O'Brien
Gender Male
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Birthplace Knights Dominion
Starting Class None
Location(s) Eugenstadt Castle
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Raphael is a minor playable character in Romancing SaGa and Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

A knight in training, Raphael has much to learn about being a knight, and is tasked with various duties to achieve this goal. Raphael's first appearance is during "Pride of the Knights", where he accompanies Lord Theodore to the Abandoned Keep Dellsdale, to rid it of monsters. If you have 2 spare slots in your party you can temporarily recruit both Theodore and Raphael, however, they will leave upon completing the quest.

Raphael is romantically linked to Constance, daughter of Lord Theodore, and eventually marries her late in the game. This relationship leads to his imprisonment during "Constance Kidnapped", but after successfully completing the quest he is released.

He becomes recruitable after completing the quest "Theodore's Madness", and also triggers the later "Dragon Knight" quest. He can be found in Eugenstadt castle, should you wish to recruit him.

In Imperial SaGa

Rank HP Attack Defense Agility Weapon Choice Get In
High Soldier 250 18 12 18 Spear Colloseum
King 400 27 21 27 Sword Race

Raphael begins with high HP, but to compensate this, he starts with low defense. His attack is always average, but nice anyways, same for his agility. High Soldier Raphael is capable of handling up until 5 Star Missions. Use him until you get Emperor Gerard, Harid or Albert, since he is an very stable character.