US Rebecca Artwork
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 39
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Unlimited Saga

Rebecca (レベッカ Rebekka?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. She is the daughter of Josef and mother to Judy, Marie and Roy, wife to Thomas. Like the rest of Judy's family she is an extremely talented Witch and, during her youth, was said to be the second coming of the Great Witch Alyce Ambrosia. She joins in Armic and Judy's routes.

She is voiced in Japanese by Minagawa Junko and in English by Marcie Corder.



During Judy's quest, being the 2nd most powerful magic user behind Clyde Blackstorm, Rebecca is sent all the way from Sadovos to the Amulet Tower near Escata. When you finally catch up with her in the Tower she is battling a Dragon by herself.

In Armic's quest Rebecca is the character that joins you for the Fire Quest in the volcano near Kimbali.


Rebecca is well suited to magic, but her Fire and Wood allignment lie astride her Magic growth. She also has good Strength for tanking damage but fairly average to low LP meaning she isn't ideal for front line combat.

Initial Growth Panel

Dagger Arts L3 Monger
Iron Will
Water Familiar L4 Natural
Metal Familiar L4

Initial equipment

Weapon Bestial Staff: Carnelian, 15 ATK, 50 DUR
Weapon Silver Circos: 20 DEF, 50 DUR

Bestial Armlet: Ravenite, 30 DUR

Accessory Feather Amulet: 50 DUR
Headgear Bandana: Cotton, 1 DEF
Body Cloth Armour: Silk, 6 DEF
Leggings Boots: Fur, 2 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 4 Fire 3
Skill 2 Earth 1
Spirit 1 Metal 1
Magic 5 Water 1
Endurance 3 Wood 4

Initial parameters

Strength 23 Fire 23
Skill 10 Earth 12
Spirit 2 Metal 8
Magic 17 Water 6
Endurance 19 Wood 26
Hit Points 410 Weight 47 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery C
Life Points 11

Battle Quotes

For all the lines to listen to, go here:



  • Rebecca is cited as the second coming of the Great Witch Alyce Ambrosia, though this back-story is never followed up, or heavily mentioned, in either scenario she appears in.


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