The Reel System is a key gameplay aspect of Unlimited Saga. The Reel System refers to a roulette like wheel with various commands on that determines the use of actions or Arts. The Reel System is implemented in two different ways; on the Adventure Screen and during Battle.

Adventure Screen

Reel System 2

Adventure Screen Reel

The Reel System is used on the adventure screen to determine things like opening treasure, avoiding traps and using special abilities like Diplomacy. The Reel is made up of three different icons, each with it's own function:
  • Green Circle - Success
  • Red Cross - Failure, possibility of penalty (depending on the nature of the reel)
  • Dynamite - Failure plus guaranteed penalty (type depending on the nature of the reel)

The objective is to land on one of the Green icons, which will result in whatever action being executed. The Red Cross denotes a failure, and depending on what action is trying to take place may result in a penalty (a fight, injury from a trap) or will simply result in you using up 1 turn and require you to try again. The Dynamite icon always results in failure and a penalty in the form of setting off a trap, forcing a fight with a monster, or critically damaging items or characters.


Reel System

Battle Reel System

The Reel System is used during Battle to execute Arts and spells. Weapon Art Reels are comprised of the 5 different coloured levels of attack (determined by Growth Panels and Arts already learnt) in a set sequence. Hitting the X-button over the required icon will execute the attack. Pressing the O-button will allow you to combo attacks with other members or monsters (depending on the action order in battle).
  • Green - Level 1 attack
  • Blue - Level 2 attack
  • Pink - Level 3 attack
  • Orange - Level 4 attack
  • Yellow - Level 5 attack
  • Gun - As guns have no special attacks the Green-Yellow panels affect the damage and accuracy of the attack

For more information about the different Levels of attack: List of Arts

Spell Art Reels are comprised randomly of the different types of magic (Fire, Wood, Water etc). If you land on the corresponding element you will get a damage/healing boost to the spell. Hitting the opposite element will result in a lower damage/healing.

The number and type of elements found on the Reel is affected by the location of the battle (a forest will have a lot more Wood element), but also by any spells previously cast. Using spells such as '[Element] Veil' or field affect spells (Rainbringer, Overgrowth etc) will also affect the type and number of elements on the Reel. Increasing the number of a certain element on the Reel will also aid/hinder in learning from a Magic Tablet.