Rich Knights

Richard (Rich to his friends), the only son of Wil Knights and Cordelia (or Labelle if Cordelia dies), is a main character in SaGa Frontier 2. Being the son of the famous Wil Knights he hates being referred to as the "Tycoon's Son" and eventually sets out to become a famous digger himself.

He is first seen accompany the Digger Eleanor as one of her traveling companions before he sets off to the North Lands to make a name for himself. Rich contrasts himself from his earnest father by being a bit of a playboy, something referenced by his mentor and several NPCs. In the Northern lands, he meets and becomes the lover to Diana, as well as helps Julia fulfill her dream of seeing the Water Aqueducts flow again in her homeland.

After his initial success he stumbles across the Egg, finally finding the Quell his father searched for so many years ago. However, the Egg appears to be in the hands of a young woman called Misty. Due to Wil's obsession with the Egg, Rich chooses to not to help him in the pursuit of it, partly because Rich is concerned with the life of the Egg's host. Eventually, Rich realizes the Egg is too dangerous to be ignored as it begins experimenting on the local populace.

Rich's wife Diana announces he is to become a father, but Rich is too preoccupied with finding Misty and the Egg. He ventures off into the Northern continent for a showdown with Misty, as his daughter Ginny Knights is born. A showdown he never returns from...

Rich Knights

Rich, Diana, and Juliia

Scenario History

Scenario name Year Age
Into the Forest 1275 20
To the Monster Nest 1276 21
Life Tree Island 1277 22
To the Fossil Cave 1280 25
To Cast a Rainbow 1285 30
Return of the Egg 1290 35
Misty's Plot 1290 35
Deadly Battle with the Egg 1291 36


Rich is a capable fighter with high growth potential with sword and spear arts, as well as being one of only a handful of characters with proficiency in all spell types. His HP is average but he has high WP and SP growth.

For all the above reasons, Rich can be developed into any kind of fighter needed and will likely dominate in the category for his sections of the game. It is advise to give him Life Water and possibly a few support spells regardless of whether you want him to specialize in Weapon or Spell Arts, due to several of his scenarios involving character who start off significantly weaker than him.

His ideal roles will likely depend on what the player chooses to develop him as, but due to the high amount of duel boss battles within his scenarios, it is advised to give him Heavy Attack or Heavy Spell to buff his damage potential.

Starting Equipment

  • Fossil Sword
  • Light Spear
  • Caster Cloth
  • Work Gloves
  • Wood Shoes
  • Wind Shell