SF2 Roles

Role Assignment

are a special gameplay element in SaGa Frontier 2.

A "Role" can be assigned to any one character at a time (with the exception of "Solo Action") and it affects various stats or abilities in battle. Roles are unlocked at various points in the story, as well as when new characters join your party. You can assign Roles from the "Battle Style" sub-option from the options screen.

Roles can be Passive (Scout), Aggressive (Blitz, Diversion), Support (Defence, Support) or Diplomatic (Intimidate, Pre-emptive), and can be used to drastically alter battles in your favour depending on location and current enemies.

The following table lists the 28 Roles available in the game, their affect in battle, and who begins with the Role:

Name Target(s) Description Unlocked by
Ace Self Increases chance of comboing with the previous attacker Cordelia
Bandwagon Self Increases chance of comboing with the following attacker Eleanor
Blitz Self Weapon & Hybrid Arts damage +25%, shield block & evasion rate -75% Meythia
Cannonball Self Speed +20% Gustave XIII (age 15)
Commander Other allies All Arts damage +9%, shield block & evasion rate +50% Nebelstern
Counter Self Increases probability of “Counter” and “Reaction Shot” by 20% Diana
Decoy Self Character becomes focus of most enemy attacks Sargon
Defense Other allies Defense +10% Raymond
Diplomat All Increases success of “Call a truce” and “Mercy please!” by 20% Greta
Diversion All enemies Lower’s enemy Combo Attack probability Primiera
Dodge Self Doubles shield block and defensive actions' activation rate Ventarbre
Getaway All Increases success of “Flee” and “Escape” by 20% Roberto
Heavy Atk Self Weapon & Hybrid Arts damage +12% William, Watts
Heavy Spell Self Spell Arts damage +25% Narcisse
Intimidate All Increases success of “Drive away”, “Leave” and “Let go” by 20% Tyler
Leader All allies Speed +10% Gustave XIII (age 28)
Marskman Self Bow and Hybrid Bow Arts damage +37% Labelle
Perplexion All enemies Spell Arts power -20% Ginny Knights
Preemptive All enemies Halves enemy chance of first strike (also after failed negotiations) Julia
Protean Self SP Regen +1 Cielmer
Recovery Self Doubles effectiveness of HP recovering Arts Nina
Scout All Combat order maintained Wil Knights
Solo Action Self Increases chance of learning new Arts, decreases chance of comboing Default Role
Spell Atk Self Spell Arts damage +50%, Defense -20% Gustaf
Support Other allies All Arts damage +12% Kelvin
Versatile Self Accuracy +75% Rich Knights
WALL Self Defense +20% Patrick
War God Self All Arts damage +50%, WP/SP Regen becomes 0 Johan