Rosalia is a region of Mardias in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

A powerful country with great military might, which covers a large amount of territory, much of which was once a part of the Bafal Empire.

Unlocking Rosalia is quite easy. It can be done by ship, but recruiting characters like Gray, Barbara, Sif or Albert seems like the optimal way.


  • Crystal City - The Capital of Rosalia and a massive city full of shops and temples.
  • Altours - A tiny rural settlement in the middle of Rosalia
  • Yeoville - A small coastal town on the eastern shore of Rosalia
  • North Estamir - One half of the two Estamir cities, sitting on the southern point of Rosalia
  • Isthmus - Large plateau of land on the border of the Bafal Empire
  • Crystal Lake - A sprawling lake on the outskirts of Crystal City. Said to contain the Aquamarine Fatestone.
    • Aquamarine Caves - System of caves under Crystal Lake full of treasure and the Aquamarine.
  • Mt. Scurve - A colossal mountain, said to be the home of Avi, the Lord of Birds
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