Status Portrait STATUS-ruby
Japanese name ルビィ
Romaji Rubi
Voice actor(s)
Higa Kumiko
Voice actor(s)
Jessica Boone
Joins Ruby, Ventus
Gender Female
Age 17
Unlimited Saga Character

Ruby is one of the main protagonists of Unlimited Saga. She is the only main protagonist able to recruit Iskandar, and only has the main goal to visit all The Seven Wonders.

Ruby is also the main protagonist of the Unlimited Saga novel, released only in Japan.

"An easy-going, energetic sister of a famous fortuneteller. She gets caught up with her sister's problems, and meets a mysterious man named Iskandar.

Whether or not she's in trouble, she always gets by by saying 'Everything will be all right!'"



Ruby is a novice fortuneteller, she tries her best to become as good as her elder sister Sapphire. One day her sister does a reading to a man from the knighthood and sees a terryfying vision which leads to her falling unconcious. Ruby decides that she has to do the readings for her sister to prevent the shop from bankruptcy. She makes inaccurate readings for a few people, but she's so determined to get the readings right that she runs off to "make them right", forcing her friend Hiro into assisting her (much to his dismay). After this succeeds once, she tries it again with a a strange adventurer, however it all ends badly and the man discovers it was all a hoax. He appears to not be too angry and wishes to meet Sapphire, where he tells Ruby's sister that it's her destiny to see The Seven Wonders. Ruby insists on going with the two and Hiro later also follows.

After visiting Torle, Ruby can go to any of the Seven Wonders in any order, with the exception of The Hanging Garden, which has to remain the last one to visit.

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In terms of stats, Ruby can go in one of three directions, whether it be a competent mage (with excellent elemental growth in Fire particularly), a powerful fighter (especially if given an Axe) or a hybrid of the two. Ruby has very low Skill, making her bad with Daggers/Bows/Guns.

She is also one of only two characters (the other being Sapphire) who comes equipped with a Corundum Ring. This allows Ruby, or another party member, to gain a very powerful weapon early in the game (Bliq) if the ring is used as a Blacksmithing base with another Corundum Ring of the opposite element (Sapphire's and Ruby's rings are of opposing elements, making them perfect candidates for the Bliq).

Initial Growth Panel

Recovery L1 Kick

Initial equipment

Weapon ----
Weapon Fang Knife: Fang, 16 ATK, 55 DUR
Accessory Stone Armlet: Serpentine, 30 DUR
Accessory Corrundum Ring (Fire): 2 DEF, 10 DUR
Headgear Bandana: Cotton, 1 DEF
Body Cloth Armour: Silk, 6 DEF
Leggings -----

Making parameters

Strength 3 Fire 4
Skill 1 Earth 1
Spirit 4 Metal 1
Magic 4 Water 2
Endurance 4 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 9 Fire 5
Skill 3 Earth 5
Spirit 4 Metal 7
Magic 4 Water 4
Endurance 7 Wood 3
Hit Points 70 Weight ?? kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery C
Life Points 18

Playable characters

When playing as Ruby, you can recruit the following chactaters:

  • Sapphire- Ruby's sister, a famous fortuneteller. Joins when Iskandar does.
  • Iskandar- A man claiming to be the legendary hero. Joins when Sapphire does.
  • Hiro- Ruby's and Sapphire's friend and assistant. Starts in Ruby's party, later re-joins after the trio ventures out.
  • Roy- Judy's older brother. He joins when you visit The Flying Island.
  • Grace- A traveler. She'll join Ruby when traveling to Starship Anchor.
  • Kong Ming- An arrogant priest. He joins Ruby during the journey to Two Moons Temple.
  • Mythe- A novice inventor. When Ruby shall visit Undercity Pharos, he'll join her.
  • Anzan- A member of the Petran tribe. Joins during the exploration of the Nakle Lines.

Battle Quotes

  • First battle (Ruby's Scenario) "Quit whinning and be ready!"
  • First battle (Ventus'es Scenario) "First impression's everything!"
  • New monster "Who the heck are you?"
  • Fight won (Personal) "That's whatcha call talent!"
  • Fight won (someone else) "Can't get any cooler than that!"
  • Fight won (tough) "Guess that means my luck is ah... improving?"
  • Death (Hiro) "Hey, this is no time for a break!"
  • Death (someone else) "Whatcha doing!?"
  • 5 Hit combo (start) "Come on! Let's get this guy!!!"
  • 5 Hit combo (middle) "That felt good!"
  • 5 Hit combo (end- enemy dies) "Sweeeeet!"
  • 5 Hit combo (end- enemy lives) "No way! That didn't do anything!"
  • Final battle (Ruby's Scenario) "I don't need your kind of power! Take a hike, will ya?"
  • Final battle (Ventus' Scenario)
  • Spring trap: "I gotta try my luck"
  • Evade trap: ???
  • Hurt by trap: "How unlucky"
  • Skill attempt: "What!? You want me to do it?"
  • Skill failure: "You can't win 'em all."
  • Skill success: "How'd you like that? Hm?"

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  • Ruby encounters a lot of characters from several scenarios, even if they are not really involved in her own plot. This doesn't only cover Michelle, but also villains such as Basil Galeos, Kalandorn Alovi, Dagul Bos and many others.
  • The story greatly hints at Ruby being in some way connected to the character from her dream after completing the Sixth Wonder. In the Visual Arts Collection to the game, the artwork of her is signed with the name Emerald, this can hardly be a coincidence, she could be Ruby's and Saphire's ancestor, allthough much less known than Leith Torles or Alyce Ambrosia.
  • Ruby's potential past may also explain why Iskandar joins the party so quickly. His purpose may be to watch over the new "Emerald" and guide her to an undisclosed destiny.