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The Rune Quest in SaGa Frontier is a quest to obtain the gift for Rune Magic. The party must obtain the Hide, Vitality, Victory, and Freedom Runes to gain this gift.

To start this quest, the player must visit the Rune Magic shop in Devin and gather the four pebbles.

Hide Rune

The Hide Rune is in the Natural Cave in Koorong, accessed via the sewers. Blue can recruit Liza or Dr. Nusakan, who will guide them to the cave's entrance.

An alternate method involves going to Virgil's Palace in Mosperiburg and answering no to each of the questions Virgil asks. Virgil teleports the party to the Natural Cave.

The party must defeat the Quakeworm to obtain the Hide Rune.

Vitality Rune

The player must board a ship leaving from Koorong after getting at least one rune. The region ship is swallowed by Tanzer. After a brief confrontation with Nomad, Fei-on appears and guides the party to his lair. Inside his lair, Fei-on asks for the party's help. Blue refuses to help, while the others have the option of helping him. If they do, Fei-on joins the party.

Fei-on guides the party through the innards of Tanzer. Eventually, they reach the slim pool where they fight big slimes and a huge slime. The goal is to touch the Vitality Rune, and it can only be touched if the huge slime is defeated. Once the rune is touched, the battle ends and the player receives the Vitality Rune.

Freedom Rune

To get this rune, the main character must have started Rune Quest and have Roufas joined in the party, or have collected at least one rune. The player must speak to Annie, who is in front of Roufas's Restaurant in Koorong. Annie guides the party through Despair. They must defeat the Nidheg before reaching the Freedom Rune.

In Emelia's quest, she starts in Despair, and must touch the Freedom Rune to continue with the quest.

Victory Rune

The player must travel to Mu's Tomb in Shrike. Emelia, Red, Blue, and Lute can recruit Roufas, while Asellus, Riki, and T260G can not.

After going through the tomb, the party must defeat Skulldrake to obtain the Victory Rune.


  • In Emelia's quest, only Emelia, Annie, and Liza can obtain the gift, as they are the only ones to touch the Freedom Rune.
  • Neither Riki in his own quest, nor Fuse in Riki's case file, can not complete this quest, as they can not get the Vitality Rune in Tanzer.
  • Annie can only get the gift for Rune Magic if the player starts the Rune Quest by getting the Freedom Rune in Despair first. This can be done if the player gets the Rune pebbles in Devin, then recruit Roufas in Mu's Tomb and then talking to Annie in Koorong.
  • if Blue teleports out of Despair, Annie will take him back there if he had not touched the Freedom Rune.
  • if Blue teleports out of Tanzer before touching the Vitality Rune, then he can not complete this quest. However, the Space and Time Quests are unlocked.