Abnormal Status is a status with which a participant in combat can be inflicted during battle in SaGa Frontier 2.

Abnormal Status occurs through the use of Arts (both enemy and ally) and lasts for several battle rounds. Some ailments do not wear off until the end of battle, and most can be cured or neutralised with certain spells (most notably, Recovery Breath) or equipment.

Status Effect

Caused by

Nulled by

Effect vanishes


Cannot use Spells or SP but ATK +25%


Dryad Grail, Tao Motif

Charm Performs actions to benefit enemy Dryad Grail, Tao Motif Yes
Confusion Randomly performs actions on ally Song of Earth*, Water Hammer* Dryad Grail, Tao Motif Yes
Cripple Decrease ATK of weapons, Arts and Spells (to Skill Level 0) Heart Breaker, Heart Beat, Shadow Bind Stardust Robe, Feather Cap, Nova Heart Yes
Fear 50% chance of not performing actions Song of Earth, Water Hammer Yes
Guard Beast 30% chance to evade attacks Guard Beast Yes
Deathblow (K.O) Character has 0 HP and is disabled. Enemy: defeated Eradication, Final Letter, Dead End, Time & Tide, Shadow Slayer, Crystal Prism, Death Shot, Incineration Last Leaf, Dead Stone No
Permanence Status changes do not wear off Permanence No
Petrify Target disabled, classed as dead Delta Petra, Stone Memory Stone Plate, Blackstone Armor, Eternal Rock No
Poison Loses "(Max HP / 4) - (current LP x 4)" HP per turn Poison Arrow, Sonic Poison, Deadly Snake Hydra Suit, Last Leaf, Blood Star, Devil's Tear No
Regenerate Recover "(Max HP / 8) - (Max LP x 2)" HP per turn Soul Hymn, Regenerate No
Reviva Character HP hits 0, auto-revived to max HP Reviva No
Sleep Target incapacitated until wears off or attacked Sleep Stardust Robe, Pirate Bandana, Funny Cap, Eternal Rock, Beast Rune, Night Medallion Yes
Stun Immobilised until end of turn Sumo Throw, Tumbler, Strike Slash, Heaven & Hell, Lawnmower, Wide Swing Crystal Wings Yes
Unconscious 0 HP and 0 LP, can no longer participate in battle Attacked at 0 HP, or, suffered LP Break at 1 LP No

* Both "Song of Earth" and "Water Hammer" can only cause Confusion if the target is already inflicted with Fear

  • In order to inflict Abnormal Status on an enemy you should aim to have high WP or SP as well as have a high Skill Level in the corresponding Art/Spell area.
  • In order to protect party members from Abnormal Status you can raise your defence by equipping characters with any Full Body Armor, Cross Branch, Green Ore or Green Glass items.
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