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You can Group Battle your Enemies and Solo Battle your Enemies.

Listed by Area

Ruin of Hahn (Surface/Underground)




Mini Bosses:

Vogelang Desert (Desert Megalith)

Beyond the Desert:

  • Worker Ant
  • Anchor Head
  • Shark Worm
  • Sand Rhino
  • Man Drake

Near Vogelang Town: (if you Cycle through the spawns)

Weissland (Snow Field/Ice Megalith)

Snow Field:

Ice Megalith Entrance:

Caves of Jade (Gustave 15 years old)

Inside the Caves:

Mini Bosses:

Underground Passage to Wide: (Conquest of Wide)

City of the Night:

Granite Quarry

Grand Valley (Foresty Thicket Maze with dense fog)

Laubholz Ghoul Tower: