SaGa Frontier 2 is one of several games that supports the use of Sony's Pocketstation peripheral. There are 2 separate mini-games accessed via NPC characters throughout the game; "Combo Pocket" and "Go! Go! Digger!"

Due to the limited release of the PocketStation outside of Japan, below is a somewhat brief overview of the PocketStation mini-games.

Combo Pocket

Various NPCs in towns and settlements will offer you 'secrets' and special rewards. These come in the form of pre-learnt Custom Arts and/or Combo Arts to use in battle. Simply by talking to a particular NPC, or raiding certain chests, wardrobes and desks you can add the Arts to your PocketStation. Additionally, these can apparently be swapped or traded with other people with PocketStations.

Go! Go! Digger!

The more substantial and worthwhile of the mini-games the Go! Go! Digger! mini-game allows you to acquire certain items through the PocketStation. By accessing the mini-game (via an NPC at a town/settlement) you can select a set time period and a specific digger to look for items. After the time limit is up you recieve any items the digger has found. The items range from weapons to accessories of varying usefulness and rarity. However, this is the only way to obtain the Seven-Star Blade, the best sword in the game.

Item Type Items available

Wood Dagger, Stone Knife, Fossil Dagger, Wood Sword, Flame Rod,

Lightning Sword, Fossil Sword, Screamer, Seven-Star Blade

Axe Stone Axe, Rock Axe, Flint Axe, Dew Axe
Bow Hunter Bow, Pit Spider, Ranger Bow
Spear Wood Spear, Light Spear, Coral Spear, Sacred Spear, Antler Spear
Staff Sapling Staff, Oak Staff, Holly Staff, Hydra Staff, Ice Staff
Shield Buckler, Stone Shield, House Guard
Accessory Blue Chip, Hyper Water, Bone, Amber Ring, Fire Flake, Green Glass