SaGa Scarlet Grace is the latest title in the SaGa series, released in December 2016 for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. An enhanced edition of the game subtitled "Hiiro no Yabou" (lit. Scarlet Ambition) was also released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, on August 2, 2018, which featured a few enhancements to fix minor gameplay issues as well as additional story content. A few days later, Kawazu responded to a fan question on Twitter about an English release for the game, which Kawazu confirmed was in the works.


Firebringer—an evil god, banished by the star gods for his betrayal. He is turned into a comet and sent away. Other dark demons that have been suppressed begin to become violent and the world falls into chaos.

The star gods grant power to one man. He leads the people in a war against Firebringer and establishes an empire.

The dark demons are pushed underground, and the evil god’s star leaves. After that, the evil god’s star returns every 150 years. For ages and ages, they meet Firebringer and his demons in battle.

Over time there are emperors who prepare diligently and defeat the evil god easily, but there are also emperors who are careless and drive the world into ruin.

Finally, after a seventh invasion, the evil god’s star was decimated. The war that lasted 1,000 years is brought to an abrupt stop. The people rejoiced to usher in peace.

Fragments of Firebringer rain down onto the earth, like fireworks celebrating the victory of the humans and star gods. If Firebringer is extinguished, even the empire would become unnecessary.

The empire continues to rule, and many places react with rebellion. This ties into a civil war by the emperor’s son and company. Amidst the chaos, a hero brings down Firebringer, the emperor is assassinated, and the empire collapses.

70 years later.

Hardly anyone who remembers the era of the empire is around anymore. The world remains in chaos. No one notices a new danger approaching. However, a new hero arises for the new era.[1]


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The game features 4 playable main characters:

  • Urpina Julanius - A young woman of the Uranius family, famed as the head of the four families set to accede to the Shogunate. Although she admires her brother’s fiancee, Elysed of the Guvines family, she has an uncontrollable desire to carry the Uranius family on her back. But Urpina’s life, which is filled with dreams and hopes, takes a complete turn when a tragic attack strikes Silmium...[2]
  • Leonard - Separated a far way away from the heart of the empire, Leonard is a farmer from the remote region of Yaksalt. A bad boy who prefers to act before talking, he and his troublemaker friend have caused mischief in the past.[2]
  • Taria - A potter who lived an agitated life. Now in a studio near the Termina Sea, she is focused on a calm life of pottery making. However, distortions in the world are also creating distortions in her work. In order to find out the cause and identity of these distortions, Taria sets out on a journey.[2]
  • Balmant - A legal executioner from the Cohan Castle in the land of Kei. He succeeds his family predecessors as an executioner. He was tasked with executing a ruler named Sigfrei. Sigfrei left with the parting words, "I will be resurrected seven times and show you the justice I will bring to this world," and while still smiling had his head removed. Before long, rumor of Sigfrei's reappearance reached from everywhere to every man. The wandering Balmant goes on a journey in search of Sigfrei in order to remove his head seven times.[2]


Scenario Selection

At the beginning of the game, you take a short quiz that will select a protagonist for you to play as. You can choose not to follow the quiz's selection, but depending on how you answer, the quiz can give the protagonists boosts in some of their stats.

Urpina's Scenario

The first chapter of Urpina's scenario starts much like a regular rpg, with Urpina having a set goal to complete. Once her first chapter is completed, there is more freedom to explore and do events. Urpina is recommended for series beginners.

Leonard's Scenario

Leonard's scenario offers the most freedom and events out of the four available scenarios.

Taria's Scenario

The first chapter of Taria's scenario starts much like Urpina's scenario, with the first chapter revolving around a set goal and the subsequent chapters opening up. However, Taria focuses on casting rather than being a straightforward attacker, so she may be more difficult to use.

Balmant's Scenario

His scenario offers the least amount of freedom overall. Depending on the player's actions, his scenario may become even more constrained. [3]


New Game+

In the enhanced edition, a new game+ feature has been added, allowing you to choose elements to carry over in additional playthroughs.

Elements Carried Over After First Playthrough

  • Information about protagonists whose stories you have cleared
  • The amount of time you have cleared the game
  • Tips
  • The names of enemies you have fought
  • The names of techniques and arts you have learned

Elements Able to Carry Over After Second Playthrough

  • Techniques and arts you have acquired
  • Techniques and arts rank
  • Aquired roles
  • Battle formations
  • Graces
  • Industrial development progress

Elements Able To Carry Over After Clearing All Four Scenarios

  • Materials and equipment
  • Blacksmith rank


  • NorthEast E.M. (北東界外)
  • Marchiam Normi (ノルミ辺境州)
  • Provincia Thracini (トラキニ州)
  • Provincia Termina (テルミナ州)
  • Provincia Cindrea (サンドリア州)
  • Marchiam Ria (リーア辺境州)
  • Mare Ilfee (イルフィー海)
  • Provincia Cerenaif (セレナイフ州)
  • Provincia Rhonicum (ロニクム州)
  • Provincia Gladion (グラディオン州)
  • Urbs Azhuacan (帝都アスワカン)
  • Provincia Hibernia (ハイバーニア州)
  • Provincia Jusitania (ユシタニア州)
  • Marchiam Bicyniro (ビキニロ辺境州)
  • SouthEast E.M. (南東界外)
  • Provincia Kei (ケイ州)
  • Provincia Maurehua (モウレワ州)
  • Marchiam Megdasse (メグダッセ辺境州)
  • Marchiam Yaxart (ヤクサルト辺境州)
  • Marchiam Numadica (ヌマディカ辺境州)




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