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Romancing SaGa/Minstrel Song character
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Gender Female
Age N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Race God
Class N/A
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Type Non-playable character

Saiva (サイヴァ Sayva?) is the Goddess of Destruction (?) who fought the first War of the Gods in Mardias. She is only mentioned in the Romancing SaGa Ultimania.



Saiva is shown to have large, twirly hair with multiple ornaments, while at the same time having absurdly long braids. She wears a tight neck bracelet, while laso sporting a black dress with what appears to be gold markings.


Not much is know about Saiva besides her rebelious attitude against Elore, which lead to her battle against him.


There were many Gods in Mardias, however the two that stood out from the rest were the creator, Marda and the Goddess of Destruction, Saiva. As the two were at a stalemate, both had used monsters and other beings as pawns for their battles. Saiva decided to turn the tides of battle in her favor by creating a God of her own. She channeled a strong amount of magical energy to her finger and pricked it with a needle. From her wound, Elore was born. However Elore turned against Saiva and sided with Marda, eventually leading to her defeat.

Upon her defeat, Saiva's remains broke up into three parts which became Gods themselves. From her bones arose Death, from her hair, Schirach and from her black heart, Saruin.


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