Gender Female
Race Human
Age 23
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Unlimited Saga

Sapphire (サファイア Safaia?) is a playable character in Unlimited Saga. She is a famous fortuneteller and, together with her younger sister Ruby, runs the Crystal Palace Divination Hall in Loch Vaan. She joins in Mythe's route and Ruby's route.

She is voiced in Japanese by Yamaguchi Yuriko and in English by Allison Sumrall.





At the start of Ruby's scenario, Sapphire has a terrifying vision while foretelling the future of Maximillian Burgundy. Ever since then, she has unable to tell fortunes. Ruby takes over the Divination Hall without Sapphire being aware of it. When all is revealed, she finally meets Iskandar and together with him, Ruby and Hiro embarks on a journey to Torle and later visit The Seven Wonders. Till the end Sapphire has the same visions of the end of the world, while Ruby later reveals to have different visions. Strangely regardless of being so important in the storyline, in the final parts she's quite absent and Ruby takes over completly.



In Mythe's scenario the story is similar, a fake fortunetelling by Ruby which ends with Sapphire apoligizing for her sister and then assisting Mythe on his quest to find the Silver Haired Girl. Although her only direct help is her vision of where Tiffon is located.


Sapphire comes with a high level Fortuneteller panel, Artiste and Fashion to start with, which makes her a good character out of combat. Sapphire is a competent mage in the Fire element, especially if you give her a Fire Magic Tablet early on.

Sapphire also has a high Skill making, thus giving her a Bow or Dagger is also an effective choice.

Sapphire comes equipped with a Corundum Ring of an element that directly opposes Ruby's. A powerful weapon can be crafted by combining both of these Rings (Or seperate Rings of opposing elements) together.

Initial Growth Panel

Fortuneteller L4

Initial equipment

Weapon Staff: Cedar, 19 ATK, 20 DUR
Weapon ----
Accessory Stone Armlet: Serpentine, 30 DUR
Accessory Corrundum Ring (Water): 2 DEF, 10 DUR
Headgear -----
Body Cloth Armour: Silk, 6 DEF
Leggings Socks: Cotton, 1 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 2 Fire 4
Skill 4 Earth 1
Spirit 4 Metal 2
Magic 4 Water 1
Endurance 5 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 5 Fire 11
Skill 7 Earth 6
Spirit 5 Metal 12
Magic 13 Water 5
Endurance 8 Wood 10
Hit Points 164 Weight 41 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery D
Life Points 10


  • First battle (Ruby's Scenario) “Fate is in our own hands.”
  • First battle (Mythe's Scenario) “I shall pray for luck.”
  • New monster “What is this before us?”
  • Victory “Just as I thought”
  • ???? “I never depend on luck.”
  • 5 Hit combo (end) “This too is fate.”
  • 5 Hit combo (end - 1 LP left) “Follow your destiny.”
  • Dark Area “Visibility is poor isn’t it?”
  • Final battle (Ruby's Scenario) “Is it the end of everything, or... the beginning?"
  • Final battle (Mythe's Scenario) “This presence fills the darkness and the light, on the other side is our destiny.”

For all the lines to listen to, go here:


  • Just like her sister, she starts with a Corundum ring equipped, coincidentally being made of sapphire.
  • The story greatly hints at Ruby and Sapphire being in some way connected to the character from Ruby's dream after completing the Sixth Wonder. In the Visual Arts Collection to the game, the artwork of her is signed with the name Emerald, this can hardly be a coincidence, she could be Ruby's and Sapphire's ancestor, although much less is known about her than Leith Torles or Alyce Ambrosia.


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