Scorn, Spite and Strife are the servants of Saruin in Romancing SaGa and Minstrel Song.

They represent the three aspects of Saruin's soul, who has been sealed away and cannot act without a manifestation on the oustside world. The Minions are incarnations of himself with personalites of their own. They seek his revival through the collecting of the Fatestones as Saruin wishes to consume the power of the stones and add it to his own.

The Minions have many Cultists under their command, as well as powerful monsters and demons, and have orchestrated the various things happening around Mardias: the attack on Isthmus Keep, the attacks and kidnapping of Constance and Lord Theodore, as well as all the troubles that are now facing the Bafal Empire and those of Kjaraht.

With the Istmus gone, Rosalia is now potentially in danger of attack from the Empire as well as Kjaraht. With the instability of the most powerful nations in Mardias none are able to stop the army of monsters that the minions have ammassed that lay in wait to destroy the world of man. But the Heroes pose a risk to all their plans. Scorn, Spite, Strife send monsters and even go into battle themselves, to stop the Heroes from getting the Fatestones.

If one defeats all of them in the final dungeon, he'll have to fight all 3 before facing Saruin.

Video of that battle.