The Saw Glitch is a glitch in The Final Fantasy Legend, concerning the Saw weapon and ability.

The Saw weapon cuts enemies into pieces. It was intended to work on enemies whose defense was lower than the user's strength, but a glitch caused it to work only when the target's defense is higher than the user's strength.

This has the effect of making the barrier-equipped Su-Zaku and the Creator vulnerable to Saw. This also means that party members would be vulnerable to Saw if they have a sufficiently high defense.

This glitch was not fixed in the WonderSwan remake.

The glitch is mentioned as a legend in Romancing SaGa: Minstel Song, about a man who challenged a god. The saw comes in the form of the Fury of Bel'kwinth technique of the Bilqis axe.

The glitch doesn't work in the same way it did in the Game Boy game. Fury of Bel'kwinth will not kill enemies immune to instant death skills, and the properties return to that of what it was originally intended to be. It becomes an Agility-based attack rather than a Strength-based one.

A video displaying use of this skill, with a brief showing of it in the original.