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Scrap is a town in SaGa Frontier. Appropriate to its name, the town is famous for its Junk Shop where visitors can salvage three pieces of scrap items for a small fee. Scrap is modeled similarly to a rustic Wild West town externally, but the building interiors are adorned with technology. 

Locations in Scrap

  • Pub - This is where Lute can be recruited. Mei-Ling, Riki, T260, and Gen can be recruited here, depending on who the main character is.
  • Inn - For a price of ten credits, the party can replenish its LP, WP, and JP.
  • Port - A pilot offers a flight to Koorong in exchange for 100 credits (10 credits after finishing the Caballero factory in Riki's and T260G's quests).
  • Office - This is the office for Mr. Caballero.
  • Factory - The factory owned by Caballero.
  • Junk Shop - A shop that offers three pieces of junk in exchange for credits. The Junk Shop glitch can be done here.

Riki's Quest

After leaving Margmel, Riki ends up in front of the pub. Entering, he can recruit T260 and Lute. Mei-Ling offers to help him find the rings.

She offers to buy the ring from Mr. Caballero, who instead wants to be alone with Mei-Ling. Riki teams up with Gen, Lute, and T260 to infiltrate the factory and rescue Mei-Ling. They defeat Caballero's goons and obtain the ring.

After that, they pay ten credits to fly to Koorong.

T260G's Quest

T260G and Gen arrive here after flying in from Junk. Gen goes to the pub to get drunk. In the pub, T260G can recruit Lute, Mei-Ling, and Riki. They go to the factory to confront Caballero. After defeating his goons, they pay ten credits to fly to Koorong.

Other Quests

The player can come here to visit the Junk shop and recruit Lute and other characters at the pub. The player will be evicted from the office and factory if they visit.