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Shuzer () is one of the main villains from Red's storyline in SaGa Frontier.


He is one of the Four Emperors of Black X, having his body modified by Dr. Klein with robotic parts. He is responsible for Black X's terrorist activities and assassination. He attacks Red and his father, Dr. Okonogi while they are driving, killing Red's father and leaving Red badly wounded. Red is saved by the hero Alkarl, who forces Shuzer to flee and turns Red into Alkaiser.

Red investigates Black X and eventually finds Shuzer's base in the back alleys of Koorong, where they fight. Shuzer attempts to flee by helicopter, but Red follows him and, transformed into Alkaiser, fights him again and defeats him. During the battle, Shuzer reveals that he has the brain of Dr. Okonogi, Red's father. Telling that Alkaiser if he kills Shuzer, he will also kill his own father.

Shuzer appears again in Black X's base, having been recovered by Dr. Klein, but he once again is defeated by Alkaiser.