"A child playing with the seeds of destruction, or a fool drinking poison for the thrill of it. Child, or fool?"
–Silver Girl
Silver Girl
Status Portrait Silvergirl-icon
Japanese name 銀の少女
Romaji Gin no shōjo (Silver Girl)
Voice actor(s)
Yukino Satsuki
Voice actor(s)
Monica Rial
Joins Mythe, Ventus
Gender Female
Age ∼14 (apparent)
Unlimited Saga Character

Silver Girl is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. The elusive Silver Girl (real name; Faedaljen) is an Arcanian, the people who were rumoured to have created The Seven Wonders.



Upon finding a painting of her, the sole drive behind Mythe's initial quest is to seek out the girl in the picture. He finds her in the Mausoleum in Vafton. Later they revisit the place and encounter Iskandar there. She is the only person other than Iskandar who can access the inner depths of Undercity Pharos.

In Ventus's scenario, she is recruited from an inn in Iskandaria, and is required in order for Ventus to acess the Undercity Pharos.


A good magic stat and a Lvl 4 Arcane Tongue starting panel gear Silver Girl towards being a good mage, despite her poor elemental growth. Her Strength is so-so, so she can also utilize physical attacks if necessary.

Initial Growth Panel

Arcane Tongue L4 Eavesdrop L2 Inconspicious L1
Road Guide L1 Cave Guide L1

Initial equipment

Weapon ----
Weapon ----
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body -----
Leggings -----

Making parameters

Strength 3 Fire 2
Skill 1 Earth 2
Spirit 5 Metal 2
Magic 5 Water 2
Endurance 1 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 9 Fire 13
Skill 2 Earth 5
Spirit 9 Metal 10
Magic 16 Water 13
Endurance 21 Wood 18
Hit Points 248 Weight 30 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery B
Life Points 15

Battle Quotes

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  • Silver Girl is unique for being perfectly balanced in all elements.
  • It is questionable if "Silver Girl" is the proper term. It could very well be "Silver Haired Girl", but that wouldn't fit into the menu hence it's shortened to just that.