Sophie is a non-playable character in SaGa Frontier 2. She is the Queen of Finney and the mother to Gustave XIII.

When Gustave is exiled for failing the Firebrand Ceremony, Queen Sophie decides to renounce her title and status in order to stay with her son. After spending time in the pauper's quarters of Thermes, Queen Sophie is persuaded by Cielmer to seek asylum in Gruegel from King Sui of Na. Despite her sorrow and exile Sophie does her best to instill self-confidence in her son, pointing out that many things can still survive with the use of Anima.

King Sui of Na later appoints Sophie and Gustave a mansion in Jade. It is rumored that Sophie wished to avoid losing Gustave as a minister to the king, as well as to escape the King's personal attention of her.

Sophie only knows a few years of peace and solitude in Jade until her Anima finally leaves her body. Despite all the hardships endured she manages to give Gustave some final advice in life and make him promise to be a better man, even without the use of magic.