Artwork by Yusuke Naora

"Starship Anchor, reminiscent of an anchor, it points toward a polar star. Legend has it that this was the anchor on the god's starfaring ship"

The Starship Anchor is one of The Seven Wonders in Unlimited Saga. It's located near the Chapa Village and is the final dungeon for Kurt. It can alsobe accessed as a side-quest to any character with access to Chapa. The Starship Anchor, true to it's name, resembles a giant stone anchor stuck in the forest land around Chapa. The anchor requires various switches to be activated in the forest around it in order to properly explore the structure. The interior of the anchor, once unlocked, resembles a black night sky full of stars and constellations. In order to advance further into the anchor you must trace the lines of various constellations on the floor by moving in certain directions. After illuminating all of the constellations you will be able to fight the boss, which takes the form of a Lich.


From your position in the woods south of the structure head north into the stone corridors of the Anchor. Examine the stone door in the central area to open up a Chamber of the Planets. Upon entering you will be attacked by an Arcwinger, who guards the chamber. When you defeat it, it will reveal a switch. Activate the switch to display a constellation on the cavernous ceiling. Leave the Chamber and head northwest to another stone door, concealing a staircase into the Starship Anchor's interior.

Once inside the Anchor you will see a path traced on the floor (which matches the constellaion beamed onto the ceiling in the Chamber of Planets). Follow the path in succession to illuminate the Whale constellation and gain access to another set of stairs back outside.

Follow the wooded trail south into another section of woods, and keep going south/southwest, following the path to more stone doors. Ignore the first door and head north to another one, sealing the 2nd Chamber of Planets. (Also pick up the Meteorite Amulet just northeast of here). Enter the chamber and defeat another Arcwinger, revealing a 2nd switch. Activate the switch and view the constellation, then enter the west most stone door back into the Archor's interior.

Trace the new constellation, making sure you end at the central tip (You will need to backtrack on the 2 side arms as leaving the constellation for even 1 turn will undo you're progress. You will also be attacked by 'falling stars' if you linger too long). When you have successfully illuminated the Trident constellation, and are standing on the central tip you will be drawn onto the large, polar star.

You will be assaulted by a Lich, who is guardian and master of the Starship Anchor. He was once a powerful wizard who sought power and knowledge of evil, but awoke one day in the Achor, shed of his human form. Make sure you have equipment with the "Life Protection" ability as the Lich uses "Phantom Shark" - a move that only damages LP. After the fight you will get a message saying;

"You have defeated the wicked defender of Starship Anchor, one of the Seven Wonders"

Number of turns: 1200


Starship Anchor is split into 5 sections; 3 wooded areas and 2 internal areas. The wooded areas are fairly simple, linear paths with a few dead-ends (usually containing treasure) jutting off from them.

The 2 interior areas are lattice networks of stars. To complete the quest you must successfully trace certain patterns on the floor, but you can explore all of the stars (which sometimes contain treasure).

There are no environmental obstacles in Starship Anchor. All areas require the use of the Architect skill to explore.


  • Wildlings
  • Vegeplasts
  • Insects
  • Beasts
  • Birds
  • Undead (boss)
  • Birds (sub-boss)
  • Aquan (optional fight)
  • Demons (optional fight)

Notable Items

  • Meteorite Amulet - Northeast of the 2nd Chamber of Planets
  • 5 High-level treasure chests - In the small woodland exterior sections of the anchor
  • 3 High-level treasure chests - On stars around the constellations


  • You can leave the Starship Anchor (via the entrance) at any point during the quest, making this a good place to fight monsters and gain money and treasure.
  • If you linger too long on stars not connected to the Constellations then you will be see falling stars. After so many turns the stars will fall on you, which contain groups (3-6) of monsters.
  • The wooded areas are abundant in both Wood, Earth and Forbidden elements. The starry interiors are abundant is Forbidden elements.