Subier (スービエ) is one of The Seven Heroes. He is a half octopus, half man hybrid. He has control over various sea creatures and pirates. An example of his control over pirates is his servant, Garon. He is the cousin of Wagnas. It is very hard to get him into his second form. One way to do this is to kill the Master of Ocean. His signature move is Maelstrom, a powerful hit all water based attack.
Subier sprite

Subier`s field sprite.

In Battle

In his first form, depending on when you fight him, he can be strong but not too strong. He always begins the battle with Maelstrom, so it`s best to have everyone heal in the first round, after which he uses it less often. His other attacks consist of a weak line lightning attack and a powerful tentacle attack that can do up to over 1000 damage. He also has a binding attack that has the chance to stun a party member. Water magic should not be used against Subier as he recovers 999 HP each round from it. Another good way to fight him is to have a Nereid in your party, as she will be completely immune to his Maelstrom attack.


  • Subier's name was inspired by taking Ebisu, the name of one of the seven major train stations on the Tokyo Yamanote Line, and writing it backwards in katakana with the following modifications:
恵比寿  > エビス > スビエ > ス(ー)ビエ > スービエ



Romancing Saga 2 Battle With Subier 1st Form

Romancing Saga 2 Battle With Subier 1st Form

An example of a battle with Subier in his first form.

Vs Subier (Type2)

Vs Subier (Type2)

An example of a battle with Subier in his second form.

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