The Egg is the main antagonist in SaGa Frontier 2, appearing mostly in Wil Knights' portion of the story, but is also present (to a lesser extent) in Gustave's scenarios.


Egg's Coffin

The Egg's Coffin

The Egg is a strange Quell, once locked deep within the Desert Megalith, in a special casket. Wil Knights' father and the 3 Sergein Brothers ventured into the Desert Megalith and discovered the Egg. After lots of confrontation due to influence of the Egg, Alexei Sergein was the only person left alive, running off with the Egg.

After Wil confronted Alexei at the Quarrysite ("Showdown! Alexei (1239)") the Egg was temporarily lost, eventually falling into the hands of pirates ("Wil vs. Egg (1257)"). Wil once again managed to thwart the Egg, and sink it along with the pirates' ship.

Twenty years pass without the Egg reappearing until "Life Tree Island (1277)", when Wil's son Rich feels a strange aura while in Westia. He pursues the mysterious keeper of the Egg, a young girl called Misty, who lures Rich to his demise in the Insect Megalith ("Deadly Battle with the Egg (1291)").

Having followed in her father, and grandfather's, footsteps Ginny Knights continues the quest to destroy the Egg after hearing of its link to her father's death ("Pursuing the Egg (1305)"). The Egg has also now fallen into the hands of Fake Gustave who is using it to try to claim succession to the throne of Finney, in the wake of Gustave's death.

After routing Fake Gustave at the "Battle of South Moundtop (1305)" the final confrontation between the Knights family and the Egg takes place during "The Last Megalith (1306)" scenario, led by Wil's granddaughter Ginny Knights...


The game never directly gives any information on the origin of the Egg and only hints at its purpose. The Ultimania/Perfect Works Art Book gives some details, but the accuracy is questionable.[1]

The Egg is a special Quell created by the ancients to house their consciousness and help them to survive and inevitable apocalypse. The Egg contains the Collective Consciousness of this ancient civilizations and its goal was to wait out the arrival of a species who could control Anima like they could. It is implied the Megaliths and Quells that appear around the world are meant to encourage new species to become more Anima dependent in order to foster the needed anima to activate the Egg.

The Egg's goal is simply to supplant the existing species on the planet and resurrect the ancients through them. This is backed up within the game during Misty's experiments. She drains Anima from the local population to see if living matter can survive without Anima, while also infusing this Anima into dead beasts to see if it will reanimate them. Later, once the Egg has taken over Fake Gustave, it uses the Megaliths to see what happens when Anima is forcibly placed into living creatures. The result being that most beings transform into monsters, but strong-willed individuals can sustain a human form such as Sargon did. This allowed the Egg to see that even humans can be used to resurrect the ancient civilization.

Fighting the Egg

The Egg initially has 3 basic forms and a final form, but can also call on between 2-6 additional forms, depending on how many of the Edelritter Lords the player defeated in the Last Megalith before reaching the Egg.

Form HP LP WP / SP Immune to
Basic 1 23,000 100 90 / 90 --
Basic 2 11,651 100 120 / 120 --
Basic 3 16,133 100 100 / 110 --
Water Form 26,467 100 120 / 130 --
Beast Form 18,142 100 120 / 80 Cold
Tone Form 21,612 100 110 / 100 Tone
Stone Form 17,444 100 96 / 100 --
Tree Form 18,312 100 92 / 99 --
Flame Form 29,192 100 120 / 110 Heat
Final Form 30,000+ 100 ?? / ?? --

The Egg randomly changes form every 5 turns. If you reduce the HP of a form to 0 it counts as defeated and the Egg can no longer morph into that shape. Unless defeated a form will recover 16% HP and 4% LP, WP & SP per morphing cycle.

General Strategy

  • Defeat the Water Lord & Flame Lord in Party battle as well as the Tree Lord & Stone Lord in Duel battles. This will reduce the Egg's difficulty as well as some of its more devestating attacks.
  • Use any items to recover and heal up before facing the Egg, you won't be needing them afterwards!
  • All characters should, ideally, have the following spells equipped: Life Water, Recovery Breath, Regenerate, Guard Beast, Stone Armor and Reviva.
  • The Egg uses "Star Quake" in all forms, which has a 100% LP break effect. However, equipping characters with the "Dead Stone" or "Last Leaf" accessories will cancel this out.
  • As the battle can be drawn out do not attempt to attack the Egg straight away. Spend a few turns strengthening your party:
    • 1: Have LP-break protected characters cast Regenerate on themselves, others self-cast Guard Beast
    • 2: Switch Regenerate/Guard Beast casting so that everyone has both spells cast on them
    • (2b: Alternatively, if you have the Soul Hymn spell, then cast it once in place of Regenerate)
    • 3: Cast Stone Armor on everyone
    • 4: Cast Reviva on everyone
    • 5: Cast Life Water if necessary, otherwise defend as the Egg will morph forms next round
  • If you are unable to defeat one of the Egg's forms in the 5 turns on offer then use it heal or strengthen the party for when the Egg morphs again.
  • Use equipment that weakens, deflects or nulls the attacks of the Egg's forms (particularly status ailments).
  • The Final Form uses an attack that causes percentage (%) damage. The Life Water spell is usually insufficient for recovering HP. Use a character's LP to restore HP, especially as LP breaking attacks are a lot rarer during the final form.

Other Appearances

Imperial SaGa

It was being used by Vadagara and The Devil King.

After the player defeats Sargon, they fight The Egg, it has only two forms, and can be defeated easily with 1500-2000 damage attacks. After defeating The Egg, Vadagara is sealed and while Shounen and the two Robins fight the Devil King, whose has taken the body of Sara, Finnith, Alkaiser and Alkarl land an finishing blow onto The Egg, releasing a lot of Anima.


The ??? Anima is an element unlike any of the others on the planet and consists of numerous colors, much like the same colors the Egg emits during its transformations. Comet Fall and Megabolt could be considered "Star" Anima due to their tremendous power and otherworldly properties. The Kris Knife, Eternity Staff and Stardust are all likely items with traces of the Egg's Anima inside them when it fell to Earth long ago.


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