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The Elemental Lords are four NPC characters in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song as well as the SNES original. Created by Saruin to rule one of the 4 elements that makes up the world. They in fact rebelled against their creator and assisted Elore in sealing Saruin.

They then chose to enter an eternal solitude so that their powers were never abused again.

The Ecology Quests reveal that these four now rule over the Mardias' Elemental landmarks, keeping the monster populations in check.

  • Pyrix - The Lord of Fire, residing in the depths of Mt. Tomae. Polite and sociable, yet has a paranoid side. The most approachable of the four.
  • Avi - Master of Wind, he sits atop the highest peak on Mt. Scurve. Approaches situations diplomatically, and respects courage. Comes off as cold.
  • Adyllis - Ruler of Earth, who resides in the deepest parts of the Great Pit in Bayre Plateau. Has a bossy, domineering demeanor. Implied to be female.
  • Strom - Serpent of Water, residing in the Water Dragon Temple on Lake Malar. Holds contempt for most Humans, and can be selfish at times. Eerily calm disposition.

Once you clear the Ecology quests, all future playthroughs allow you to fail them. Doing so allows them to be possessed by the Minions of Saruin. Defeating the Dark Elemental Lords will grant the player unique weapons.

  • Pyrocanis: Cosmo Egg
  • Gigavi: Epic Hero
  • Kyllis: Destroyer
  • Slask: Chaosbringer



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