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Template:Quote The Flying Island, or Avalon, is one of The Seven Wonders in Unlimited Saga. It is located near Vafton and is Armic's final dungeon. It can also be accessed as a side-quest by every other character.

Like many of the other Wonders, what you first see of Flying Island is a meer shell, obscuring the true objective. Near the start of the island you will come across a deep chasm with a strange mechanism at the bottom. Journeying around the island you will have to find and activate 3 large switches that slowly pull the unknown structure upwards to the surface. When you finally circle back around to the chasm you will notice a strange elevator sitting atop the chasm. Riding it down into the depths of Avalon will throw you into the Wonder's boss battle.


From the starting point in the Northwest portion of the island, follow the path to a junction. Heading west will take you to another portion of the island; ignore it for now and continue southwards to the edge of a large chasm. Examining the cliff will reveal a strange device suspended further down. Before you can activate it you need to release 3 levers located around the island. It doesn't matter which order they are activated in, so you can journey around Avalon either way. As it is closer, head back to the previous junction and head west into the next section of the island.

Follow the path in the Southwest section all the way anti-clockwise, ignoring the junctions and dead-ends. At the end of the path you will discover a large lever embedded in a pillar. Pull the lever and the strange device will rise up the chasm a small amount. Backtrack to the last junction and head southeast to the Southeast portion of the island. Again, follow the central path around the island. Near the end of the path will be another lever. Activate it to make the strange device rise a little more in the chasm. Then continue along the path north to the Northeast portion of the island.

At the junction in the path head west to the dead-end containing the final lever. Pull it to raise the device all the way to the top of the chasm. Return to the junction and head eastwards, following the path all the way around and back into the Northwest portion of the island. When back in the Northwest portion, follow the path yet again as it circles back to the clifftop. Examine the device to enter the elevator and ride it down the chasm to a fight with a Blue Dragon.

While a great opportunity to spark new Arts, the Blue Dragon is a fierce opponent to face, especially if you are not prepared for it's various attacks. Most of the dragon's attacks will hit all characters fighting that round, many of which can also inflict status ailments. Keep rotating/resting party members while trying to spark new attacks and you should eventually win the battle. After the fight you will recieve a message saying:

"You defeated the Wicked Lord of the Flying Island!"

Number of turns: 1200


Flying Island, although appearing massive, is essentially a large circle. While split into 4 different sections, a single path winds all the way around, linking you back near the start to the elevator device needed to complete the quest. To fully explore Avalon you will need the use of the Obstacle Crossing, Swimming and Road Guide skills, as the island is full of environmental obstacles hiding treasure chests.


  • Undead
  • Vegeplasts
  • Wildlings
  • Insects
  • Beasts
  • Dragon (boss)

Notable Items

  • 3 High-level treasure chests - Located behind many of the environmental obstacles in each portion of the island.


  • Perhaps due to a translation error, The Flying Island is listed as "Avalon" when selected as a subquest. This indicates that Avalon is likely a second name for the Island. More so, The Legendary Island Avalon is likely an inspiration for the island, even if no real elements of the King Arthur legend seem to be present in the game.
  • Due to it's simple layout, you can fight countless monsters by simply doing laps around the Island, thus building your Monster Rank, sparking attacks or learning from a Magic Tablet.
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