The Oblivion (破壊するもの Hakaisurumono?, Thing "which" does destruction, Destroyer) is the final boss from Romancing SaGa 3. It is the embodiment of the Abyss's power, born when the two destined children, Sarah and Shonen, enter the Abyss at the same time. Sarah warns the heroes that such power would destroy the world, including the Abyss, so the heroes argue that if this power was so great, it could restore the world as well. The heroes tell the two to combine their strength to convert the Oblivion into a power of creation, while they fight it.

As the Oblivion is defeated, its power engulfs the world (and possibly the entire universe) and completely annihilates it. However, since its power was turned into a power of creation, the world is recreated shortly after, without the presence of the Death Eclipse or the Abyss, allowing everyone to finally live in peace.

Other Forms

During battle the Oblivion will take on five different forms or less depending on what is done before facing it. If all The Four Sinistrals are not defeated then the Oblivion will be much stronger and have twice as much HP as it will take on the forms of the abyss lords during the fight and use all of their abilities. If all of the Abyss Lords are beaten before facing it then it will only use one alternate form and be less stronger than if the Abyss Lords were skipped.



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