The Seven Heroes (七英雄) are the main villains in Romancing SaGa 2.


Once the greatest and most powerful of heroes, the Seven Heroes saved the world from a great and terrible evil, then vanished without a trace. People were grateful for their deeds of heroism and told their legend for years to come, as it was prophesized that they would one day return to save the world again from danger. Time passed and the world prospered with peace and prosperity, and soon the legend of The Seven Heroes was forgotten amongst the people. However, the Seven Heroes returned, all turned into demons, and started to attack the world with their legions of monsters, angered at humanity for forgetting them and their sacrifices. The royal family from the kingdom of Avalon fights them through sucessive generations, defeating them one-by-one.

In the final scenario of the game they all retreat into the Sealed Dungeon, where they fuse together to form a grotesque monster and fight The Final Emperor/Empress.


They are, as follows:


Artwork by Tomomi Kobayashi

  • Kzinssie (クジンシー Kujinshī): A floating demon with a scarf covering his face, wielding a sword. Kzinssie was the last to join the group, mostly because all other members hated him for his ill-mannered behavior and impulsive nature. He can steal life energy or souls using Life Steal or Soul Steal. Defeated by Gerard and returns in the Final Scenario with an even more grotesque appearance than when first met.
  • Wagnas (ワグナス Wagunasu): The leader and mastermind of the group, Wagnas was also the one who created the group in hopes of helping the world. A hero with both angelic and butterfly-like characteristics, the incredibly feminine-looking Lord Wagnas is actually male. He enslaves the Iris race to do his bidding, and resides in a floating castle above the Eastern Kingdom. He uses the special move "Psycho Bind," causing a large amount of damage on one character and collateral damage and status effects on other members.
  • Dantarg (ダンターグ Dantāgu): With features reminiscent of both elephants and sauropods as well as that of the mythical centaur, Lord Dantarg is one of the most physically powerful of the Seven Heroes. Dantarg didn't really care for war or fighting evil, only joining the group to become more powerful and increase his skills. He terrorizes the migratory clans, and prefers devastating physical attacks, including Grand Slam. He is also the only hero with four different forms, depending on the time in which the character fights him. Uses the special move "Rampage."
  • Bokhohn (ボクオーン Bokuōn): A puppeteer demon with an elderly appearance, Bokhohn is in control of the majority of the Seven Heroes' forces. Bokhohn joined the group through tactiful manipulation and strategic cunning over his enemies. Situated in the Steppes region, he owns a large landship, complete with an innumerable amount of slaves. His special technique, "Marionette," allows him to manipulate all party members.
  • Subier (スービエ Sūbie): A male octopus-human hybrid that controls various minions such as sea creatures and pirates and rules over the ocean. Defeating the narwhal known as Master of Ocean will unleash Subier's more powerful form. His preferred move is "Maelstrom."
  • Noel (ノエル Noeru): A master swordsman who always keeps his word, he acts as Wagnas' right-hand man out of loyalty. Noel is very powerful, with a strict code of honor, chivalry, and loyalty. If Rocbouquet is defeated before he is fought, however, he becomes completely unwilling to compromise, and becomes unrelenting in combat. His Signature move is Moonshades.
  • Rocbouquet (ロックブーケ Rokkubūke): The only female of the seven, she is the most human-looking of the group. She loves controlling men to do her bidding and controls all the men in the Jungle villages. While there, she aspires to know the secret of a nearby temple. Her Temptation skill charms all male party members. She is also the sister of Lord Noel.
  • At the end of the game, the player discovers that the Heroes he fought were only copies sent by the original Heroes, who will fuse into one monstrous being once you meet them. This monster can use all of the signature moves of the Heroes. The fusion is the final boss of the game.

    The Fused form of the Seven Heroes.