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Portrait STATUS-thomas
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 44
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Unlimited Saga

Thomas (トマス Tomasu?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He is the husband of Rebecca and father to Judy, Marie and Roy. He joins in Judy and Ventus's routes.

He is voiced in Japanese by Tanaka Kan and in English by John Tyson.


  • Ventus's Scenario:  Playable Character; he joins Ventus during a carrier mission that forces the party to cross the Vale of Swords.
  • Judy's Scenario: Playable Character; he joins the party early, but leaves soon thereafter, only to rejoin near the end of the story.


Before the events of the game, Thomas married Rebecca, a powerful witch said to be the second coming of the Great Witch Alyce Ambrosia. Thomas himself, however, had no magical capabilities, and thus his relationship with Rebecca was looked down upon by her father, Josef.

Thomas and Rebecca settled in Sadovos with Rebecca's father, and the couple had three children: Roy, Marie, and Judy. All three of their children were gifted with magical ability like their mother. While Josef still did not fully approve of Rebecca's marriage to Thomas, he at least accepted him as his son-in-law and loved the grandchildren Thomas gave him.

When the game begins, Clyde Blackstorm visits Thomas's family's home to visit Josef with intent of finding a particular forbidden magic spell by any means necessary. When Clyde attacks Josef, trapping him in a mirror, Josef's safety mechanism is triggered, teleporting everyone around far away.

Because the safety mechanism teleports people farther away the stronger their magical powers are, Thomas is sent only to Serin, a nearby hamlet. The only family member who is closer after the mechanism teleports them is his 10-year-old daughter Judy who has still not begun to study magic extensively due to her young age, despite her natural gift for potential magic capabilities.

Not long after the teleport, Judy sets out to find the rest of her family. Accompanied by her new bodyguard Kurt, Judy meets up with Thomas in Serin.

As the journey to find the rest of the family members continues, the group journeys across the Vale of Swords following the directions given by Judy's Crystal Hoop. When the group is about to cross a bridge, one of Clyde's minions appears and summons a hoard of Pinhut Titus. Everyone defeats the monsters, but as they are crossing the bridge, more of the enemies appear. Thomas tells Judy to continue across the bridge and let him handle the monsters. Judy obeys her father; Thomas stays behind to fight the demons on his own.

After Judy and the others have safely crossed the bridge, it breaks, leaving Thomas to plummet to the bottom of the Vale. Judy continues on, confident that her father will make it out of the Vale alive.

As Judy continues her quest to reassemble her family, Thomas recovers from his fall into the Vale and returns to his home in Sadovos. After Judy finds the rest of her family members and

Thomas exhibiting amnesia when found by Ventus.

rescues her mother from Clyde, she returns home where she finds her father once again. Thomas joins back up with his reuinted family and suggests rescuing Josef by going through Deities’ Table.

Thomas continues to journey with his family, eventually confronting Clyde and fighting Chaos to save Josef.

An alternate version to Thomas's story is available if the player character is Venuts instead of Judy. When Venuts travels to the Vale of Swords, he may find Thomas where he fell after his battle with Clyde's minions. If Thomas joins Ventus, he will be suffering from amnesia, and can only remember that he is "a daddy."



Thomas throwing a Pinhut.

Thomas has very high Strength and Skill making, making him quite skilled in any type of physical combat, both weapon and melee. He is one of very few characters who are recruited with access to a gun.

Despite his Fire making of 4, his other elemental makings and his Magic making are very low, giving him almost no magical capabilities.

Despite his 19 LP, his Endurance and Spirit making are quite low, so he is not always suited for frontline combat. His true strength lies in dealing heavy HP and LP damage from the second or back row. This also means his Toughness growth panel does not serve much purpose and can be overwritten easily.

Thomas's initial parameters and equipment make him a very well-rounded physical fighter immediately after being recruited. His high Skill making combined with his initial Gun Arts growth panel make him an excellent marksman early in the game, able to deal LP damage. He also begins with an Axe Arts panel at level 2, giving him early access to a powerful weapon that can deal a lot of HP damage. He also begins with a Throw panel, allowing him to successfully perform martial arts that can stun opponents.

Initial Growth Panel setup

Axe Arts
Adaptability L1 Diplomacy L1
Gun Arts L1 Toughness L1

Initial equipment

Weapon Gun: Iron, 20 ATK, 20 DUR
Weapon Iron Axe: Iron, 50 ATK, 50 DUR
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body Leather Suit: Fur, 9 DEF
Leggings -----

Making parameters

Strength 4 Fire 4
Skill 4 Earth 2
Spirit 2 Metal 1
Magic 1 Water 2
Endurance 1 Wood 1

Initial parameters

Strength 24 Fire 9
Skill 13 Earth 3
Spirit 14 Metal 4
Magic 5 Water 8
Endurance 5 Wood 5
Hit Points 325 Weight 78 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery C
Life Points 19

Battle Quotes

  • First battle (with Judy): "Judy, let daddy handle this."
  • First battle (with Ventus): "Wonder if I can still remember how to fight..."
  • Final battle (with Judy): "Even the strongest magic in the world can't bring happiness."
  • Final battle (with Ventus):
  • Dragon encounter: "What is that beastie? Oh, right, I remember! A dragon!"
  • Unfamiliar encounter: "What was this? I can't remember..."
  • Intimidating encounter: "What an imposing presence! Oh my!"
  • Phobia encounter?: "I'm rather certain I won't take to this one..."
  • Pacifist encounter?: "Got a feelin' I shouldn't be buttin' heads with this fella."
  • Powerful victory?: "I think we went a little too far on that one."
  • Ally's victory: "A fine display!"
  • Easy victory: "Well! That was easy, wasn't it?"
  • Narrow victory: "Whew! Daddy thought he'd almost lost that one.
  • Tasking victory: "Finally!"
  • Judy's defeat: "Judy!!"
  • Ally's defeat: "What a darn shame..."
  • Defeat (with Judy): "J-Judy..."
  • Defeat (with Venuts)?: "Sugar... plum..."
  • 5-step combo (start)?: "Here goes!"
  • 5-step combo (middle, with Venuts)?: "Daddy'll do his best!"
  • 5-step combo (middle, with Judy)?: "I'll be in trouble with the wife if I don't put in a little work."
  • 5-step combo (finish)?: "The old man's still got it!"
  • ???: "Hmmm, this is a tough one..."
  • ???: "Cash in your chips, sir!"
  • ???: "Ooh, I'm gettin' stiff already."
  • ???: "Watch where you're walkin' now."
  • ???: "We can swim there, can't we?"
  • ???: "Daddy's gotta be strong at a time like this."
  • Spring trap: "Watch it, now!"
  • Evade trap: ???
  • Hurt by trap: "Daddy's fine, don't you worry."
  • Skill attempt: ???
  • Skill failure: ???
  • Skill success: ???

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Other appearances

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Thomas appears as an obtainable card.



  • Thomas is one of the only characters that will actually leave the party after joining. His leave is not permanent; he returns near the end of Judy's scenario.
  • Many of Thomas's voice clips change meaning depending on whether he is recruited in Judy or Ventus's scenario; for example, his forgetful quotes play into his casual personality in Judy's scenario, while they play into his amnesia in Ventus's scenario.
  • Thomas is one of very few characters to begin the game with a gun, a significant weapon as they are extremely rare to find otherwise and cannot be created by forging like other weapons.
  • According to the game guide, an effect of Josef's defensive art depends on a target's magical strength and a comprehensive ability. That's the reason why Thomas without magical ability was transported further than Judy who could use magic.


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