Portrait STATUS-tiffon
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 25
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Unlimited Saga

Tiffon (ティフォン Tifon?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. She's an ex-Carrier with a mysterious past and unknown link to Ventus' deceased brother Briza. She was also in possession of the Silver Girl photo that Mythe searches for, having stolen it from Grace in Nivacolina. She joins in Mythe and Ventus's routes.

She is voiced in Japanese by Jō Masako and in English by Shelley Black.



Tiffon is an important character in Ventus' Scenario, somehow linked to the mystery around the fabled Dragonheart. It is later revealed that she used to be called "Elle" and was Briza's girlfriend until he sacrificed himself to save her. She tries to redeem herself by helping Ventus.

In Mythe's quest, she's caught while trying to steal stuff from the old mansion. Mythe simply wishes to know from whom she stole the painting. She accompanies him from then on.


Tiffon is the only character with an innate Phobia panel. Like the Cursed Gauntlet for Kurt, Tiffon's Undead Phobia occupies the central panel slot, making a line bonus impossible. She does, however, come with a perfect set up to make a Triangle bonus of Locksmith, Defuse and Sharp Eye, which increases her already high Skill stat. Tiffon is therefore a fantastic Dagger user, able to deal large amounts of HP and LP. It is also possible for Tiffon to be used as a mage due to her decent Elemental Growth in every element sans Metal, though the Thief build is a lot easier to pull off due to its accessibility.

Initial Growth Panel

Sharpeye L1 Phobia (Undead) L4 Dagger Arts L1
Locksmith L1

Initial equipment

Weapon Fang Knife: Fang, 16 ATK, 40 DUR
Weapon ----
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body Leather Suit: Fur, 9 DEF
Leggings -----

Making parameters

Strength 1 Fire 3
Skill 3 Earth 2
Spirit 2 Metal 2
Magic 3 Water 2
Endurance 1 Wood 1

Initial parameters

Strength 2 Fire 9
Skill 10 Earth 7
Spirit 10 Metal 9
Magic 6 Water 7
Endurance 4 Wood 7
Hit Points 180 Weight ?? kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery A
Life Points 13

Battle Quotes

  • First Battle (Ventus's Scenario): "Okay Ventus, I'll just watch you pretend to fight."
  • Windy Battlefield: "Wow....the breeze feels great."
  • Phobia Encounter: "Who invited you?"
  • Phobia Encounter: "NO! Don't you come near me!"
  • Spring trap: "Watch this."
  • Evade trap: "Did you see that?"
  • Hurt by trap: "Wait, you didn't see that!"
  • Skill attempt: "Leave it to me."
  • Skill failure: "That wasn't supposed to happen."
  • Skill success: "I told you so."
  • Final Battle (Ventus's Scenario): "Briza....If I die here, would you forgive me?"

For all the lines to listen to, go here:


  • It is possible to replace Tiffon's Phobia panel with a different Phobia or Pacifist panel - though the cause of her fear of the undead is explained through Ventus' scenario.
  • When playing as Ventus, Tiffon will briefly leave the party during the "Dragon's Haven" portion of the main storyline. As soon as you complete the Dragon's Haven mission Tiffon will return to the party with all her panels and equipment intact.
  • If you fail to replace her Undead Phobia, Tiffon will be all but useless in the fight against the Knights of the Round Table, as they are all classed as Undead monsters.


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