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Trials of Elore is a unique dungeon location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

Trials of Elore map

A series of islands in the sky, the Trials of Elore can only be accessed from the "Sun's Altar" within the Steppes of Galessa, Dry Lands.

The Trials are only available if the Minstrel tells you the tale of "Heroes and Gods at War" at ER 20 or above, if your favours with Elore total 200.

The Trials are a set of 12 fixed battles against various mini-bosses, all blocking the way to the Altar of the Trials, where Elore waits for you to prove your worth.

The Trials

Monster name - Approximate HP - (Treasure accessible afterwards)

  • Ogre Champion - 7400 HP
  • Frozen Corpse - 9400 HP - Guards the "Metis' Manifer" gauntlets
  • Grendel - 9400 HP
  • Zaratan - 13,200 HP
  • Irminsul - 15,600 HP - Guards the "Eres' Bow"
  • Juscony - 12,500 HP
  • Dinosaur - 7000 HP
  • Destroyer - 10,000 HP
  • Amul Amut - 14,600 HP - Guards the "Main Gauche" long-sword
  • Wyrmfounder - 12,700 HP
  • Arastle - 11,600 HP
  • Gold Dragon - 18,000 HP

It is possible to bypass a few of the Trials, but you need to defeat all 12 in order for Elore to meet you at the Altar and complete the quest.


  • The Trials of Elore are considered to be the good ending criteria, as they are unlocked with a favour of Elore at 200. This will also overwrite any other criteria met for the other 2 ending routes; Auldburg or Netherworld. It is possible to do all 3 end quests, provided they are unlocked before starting the Trials.