Artwork by Yusuke Naora

"Two Moons Temple, a temple mysteriously associated with the celestial bodies. Its intended purpose remains unknown"

Two Moons Temple is one of The Seven Wonders in Unlimited Saga. It's located near Kimbali and is the final dungeon of Ventus. It can also be accessed as a side-quest by any character who visits Kimbali.

The Temple is a small building linked with various warp pads, similar to those in Leith Torles' Tower in Nivacolina. It is considered to be the easiest of the Seven Wonders as you can bypass most of the structure by taking a specific set of warp-pads directly to the end.


Simply make your way to the top of the Temple and reach the Grand Staircase. Ascend the staircase to face the Guardians of the Temple.


  • Use the warp-pad just northeast of the start. Use the warp pad southwest of your new location. Head north/northeast to the Grand Staircase.


  • Head to the northern most part of the 1st floor and take the stairs up. Head north again on the 2nd floor to a set of stairs to the 3rd floor Left Wing. Follow the path east to the 3rd floor Right Wing. Follow the path south, then head north/northeast to more ascending stairs. Take the eastern most stairs to the Uppermost Floor. Head north/northeast to the Grand Staircase.

(Optional: Before ascending the Grand Staircase you can fight a Blue and Red Dragon, both located in the East and West (respectively) portions of the Uppermost Floor. Defeating the Red Dragon will give you access to a warp-pad and a treasure chest (containing a Magic Tablet); while defeating the Blue Dragon will give you access to a warp-pad back to the 1st floor.)

As you ascend the Grand Staircase you will be attacked the Guardians; a Satanachia and 3x Jestor-Ys. Depending on how strong you are, you may have already fought these monsters in other quests. If so they are exactly the same strength, with the same attacks and LP etc.

The Satanachia is a fairly strong Demon, while the Jestor-Ys are mid-level Demons capable of area attacks and inflicting Status Ailments on your party. Make sure you kill the Jestor-Y's first unless you have lots of status prevention equipment or Spells.

After defeating the Guardians you will recieve a treasure chest (with a Magic Tablet inside). After looting the chest, simply exit the Temple (via the Blue Dragon warp-pad is easier) to complete the quest.

Number of turns: 160


Two Moons Temple is split into 4 different floors, and 5 separate areas (the 3rd floor is split into an unconnected 'Left' and 'Right' Wing). Multiple staircases link each floor one to another, while the various warp-pads can link to any other floor and location.

The Temple requires the use of the Architect skill to explore. There are no environmental obstacles in the Temple.


  • Aquans
  • Demons
  • Beasts
  • Undead
  • Insects
  • Slime
  • Birds
  • Demons (boss)
  • Dragons (optional bosses)

Notable Items

  • 3 x Magic Tablets - In the treasure chests left by the Guardian and 2 different Dragons on the Uppermost Floor.