Artwork by Yusuke Naora

Undercity Pharos (Arcanian name, Tal'fa Palacaleo) is one of The Seven Wonders in Unlimited Saga. It's located underneath Iskandaria and is the final dungeon for Mythe, as well as being a key quest during Ventus' story.

Unlike the other Seven Wonders, only Mythe, Ruby and Ventus can explore Pharos fully. The entrance to the Undercity, called the Abandoned Fortress, is located in Iskandaria and can be accessed at any time without needing a quest. However, once you explore the entrance you find yourself trapped by large doors, sealing off the proper portion of Undercity Pharos. Only Silver Girl, and possibly Iskandar, can open these doors due to their link with the ancient Arcanians.

It is also here that you will find, possibly, the hardest of the 7 final bosses; the Knights of the Round Table and Phantom.


With access to either Silver Girl or Iskandar, head to the southern edge of the Abandoned Fortress and examine the large doors previously blocking your path. The doors will open allowing access to the lower levels of Undercity Pharos.

Regardless of which door/stairs you took down to the 1st floor you need to head to the southwest area. This is accomplished by heading north, west then south (anti-clockwise) around the floor due to mysterious Barriers blocking your path. Ignore the 2 strange devices you might find in rooms along the eastern edge as they are useless for the time being. When you reach the stairs descend to the 2nd floor.

Follow the small linear path to a central room with a strange device in. Activate the device to be attacked by 2x Skull Crawlers. Defeat them and choose to activate the device a 2nd time. Continue along the path and takes the other set of stairs to the 3rd floor.

Head north (ignoring the strange devices along the way), east and loop south to find another set of stair. Takes these stairs back to the 2nd floor. This is identical to the previous section of the 2nd floor, so examine the device in the central room, kill the Skull Crawlers and examine the device again. An elevator will begin to move up or down (depending on which floor it will go to). Return to the stairs you came in by and return to the 3rd floor.

Now activate the 2 strange devices (northwest and southwest most room) and the Barrier Control device (just northeast of the first set of stairs) before heading back to the 2nd floor and then up to the 1st. Now activate the 2 devices on the 1st floor (southeast and southwest most rooms) before activating the Awkward device (between the stairs and the southwest device). If done correctly this will disable ALL the Barriers and give you complete access to Undercity Pharos.

Once the Barriers are down you need to find the elevator activated from the 2nd floor. If it went down it'll be on the 3rd floor (east-southeast), if it went up it will be on the 1st floor (north-northwest). When you locate the elevator ride it to the 2nd floor (middle symbol).

(Optional: For extra challenge and completion, circle around to the west and find a room with another device in it. Activate the Power Supply to be attacked by a Satanachia. Defeat it and activate the device again to fully power up Pharos. This will unlock the doors on the 2nd floor and let you remotely move the elevator to any floor)

From the elevator, use the nearby Tetra Force then head southeast to face the Knights of the Round Table & Phantom (playing as Mythe or Ventus), or a Samurai Master (if playing as Ruby).


Undercity Pharos is spread over 4 large floors. The surface levels acts a free quest for all characters, but only those with a plot driven quest can venture to the lower levels.

The 1st and 3rd floors are large networks of corridors, mostly blocked by Barriers that need to be switched off using special devices in other parts of the Undercity. Access via 2 sets of stairs are in the northeast and southwest areas of each floor.

The 2nd floor is a smaller, more linear area. Access from the other floors leads to one of 2 linear paths, ending in a special device necessary to deactivate the Barriers. When all the Barriers are deactivated the central portion of the 2nd floor is opened up, revealing Pharos' power supply and the boss.

There are no environmental obstacles (aside from the Barriers) and all levels of Pharos require the Architect skill to explore.


  • Vegeplasts (surface only)
  • Wildlings
  • Aquans
  • Undead
  • Demons (interior only)
  • Beasts (interior only)
  • Undead (boss)
  • Undead (mini-boss)
  • Demon (optional boss)

Notable Items

  • None


  • The name 'Pharos' is most likely a reference to the Pharos of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, while the concept and looks of the city itself seem to have been inspired by Plato's myth of Atlantis.
  • Undercity Pharos is the only Seven Wonder not available as a side-quest for other characters, but at the same time the sruface area is the only place with open-access, not requiring a quest to explore.
  • The only mystery remaining is how Pharr was able to enter the Undercity in the past. It would be possible that she had a companion from the Arcanian race, but if such is the case, then one Arcanian would also be probably necesarry to enter the Undercity when Mythe and his companions first enter it during the game.
  • Saying the above theory is possible, it does not explain how Ruby is able to enter the Pharos. This is more likely due to the fact that Iskandar is connected to the ancient myths/scriptures, meaning that the requirements for entering the Pharos are not limited to Arcanians so much as those who had influence in the past, or those with great magical power.