Ventus performing the sword art Heaven and Earth.

A list of all the different weapon and attack Arts available in Unlimited Saga. To use a weapon Art, a character must have the corresponding weapon equipped (unless using Melee). Each weapon can have up to 4 different abilities on it, each one performing different attacks and doing different amounts of damage. You can change which 4 abilities are on any weapon by altering the weapons weight via the Blacksmith. (Weapon Abilities are listed below in order of weight, from lighest, down to heaviest)

By using a weapon repeatedly in battle you can 'spark' new, stronger attacks which will appear on the Reel System as different coloured panels. Once a new Art has been learnt it can be performed by stopping the Reel on the correct coloured panel during battle. Arts learnt by a character cannot be transferred or used by a different character unless they spark the Art themselves.

Most attacks increase to Level 4, with a few exceptions in Swords and Spears.

Melee Arts

Melee Arts are good at conserving both HP and weapon durabilities. Melee Arts can come in upto 3 varieties: Light, Normal and Heavy. A character's weight (both natural, and through items equipped) defines which type of Melee Arts they can perform.

Attack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Punch (Light) Hummingbird Gattling Jab -- Bodhisattva
Punch Uppercut Bear Swipe Brute Force Deadly Palm
Punch (Heavy) Uppercut -- Punch Out Raksha
Kick (Light) Kick Sinker Triangle Kick Three Dragon
Kick Kick Sinker Thunder Kick Flying Knee
Kick (Heavy) Kick Sinker Kickrush Flash Flood
Throw (Light) Hairdryer Kawazu Throw Cyclone Windwhistle
Throw Throw Kawazu Throw Hammerfall Call Back

Axe Arts

Axe Arts deal huge amounts of HP damage to enemies.

Attack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Woodchopper Woodchopper Bamboo Split -- Phoenix Blow
Tomahawk Tomahawk Juggler's Knightmare Skydive Skyscraper
Time Lapse Time Lapse Backslash -- Reverse Delta
Hammer Hyper Hammer Slow Motion Night's Crossing Fuji View
Bash Bash Heartbreaker Night's Crossing Splinter Pierce

Sword Arts

Swords are the all-round Arts, with higher level attacks able to deal large amount of HP damage. Light swords have the ability <Deflect>, which can cancel an enemy attack.

Attack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Twin Blade Multi Blade Double Mist Heaven & Earth Triple Edge Reckless Slash
Rear Blade Rear Blade Double Mist Roundabout Bopeep --
Slash Slash Slice Gust Dragon's Tail Clear Water
Cross Slash Cross Slash X-Terminator Grand Cross Doppleganger --
Stardust Stardust Noggin Knocker Heaven & Earth Dragon's Tail Golden Dragon
Blast Smash Noggin Knocker Bear Slash Vandalize --

Spear Arts

Spears are good at dealing HP damage as well as great LP damage.

Attack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Flash Pierce Flash Pierce Bolt Skewer -- Arm of Light --
Javelin Javelin Bolt Skewer Puncture Twin Dragon DHS
Grasshopper Grasshopper -- Reaper -- --
Aim Aim -- Divine Lancer Acupuncture --
Multi Poke Double Stab -- Twin Dragon DHS Poker's Wild
Charge Charge Puncture Cobra Smash Lance Buster --
  • DHS stands for "Double Headed Snake"

Dagger Arts

Daggers are designed solely for annihilating LP. Light Daggers have <Parry>, which is the best enemy cancelling ability.

Attack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Quick Thrust Quick Thrust Sonic Thrust Lightning Thrust Blitz
Knife Throw Knife Throw Trickster -- Juggle
Trick Shot Trick Shot Trickster Cut In Double Trickster
Speedy Bleedy Speedy Bleedy Sonic Thrust Cut In Cross Cut
Stunner Stunner Lightning Thrust Slashout Bloody Mary
Dice Dice -- Mince Puree

Bow Arts

Bows have a variety of abilities, including all enemy attacks, and deal good LP damage.

Attack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Quickshot Quickshot -- Mach 5 --
Warning Shot Warning Shot Shadowskidder Ink Shot Shadow Arrow
Random Arrow Random Arrowshoot -- Arrow Rain Parashots
Sniper Shot Sniper Shot Sidewinder Sparrow Shot Phoenix Arrow
Multi Shot Double Shot Triple Shot Shadow Arrow Thousand Needle
Power Shot Power Shot Sticker Exorcist Zapper
  • The Random Arrow line of attacks has a chance to hit all enemies. The chance of dealing damage increases with attack Level

Staff Arts

Staff Arts deal minimal damage but consist of Stat altering attacks. Light Staves come with <Block>, which can cancel enemy attacks.

Attack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Slam Slam Drag Down Cruncher Aqua Lunar
Roundhouse Roundhouse Repound Drag Down Time & Tide
Coma Dose Come Dose Cruncher Bell Ringer Nutcracker
Multi Hit Double Hit Triple Hit Rock Splitter Total Agony
Bonecrusher Bonecrusher Skull Splitter Cruncher Pulverizer
Earth Dragon Earth Dragon -- -- Grand Slam
  • Earth Dragon and Grand Slam hit all enemies and can cause Stun
  • Also note that Shields as well as Weapons with the <Parry>, <Block>, and <Deflect> skills will only negate received attacks if equipped to the character's second Weapon slot.

For a list of spells see List of Spells.

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